Are they bringing in the last flak for next fortification?

Ice flak will it be in next fortification

I guess they wont tell you, unless its official. But theoretically there is one elemental-flak tower missing. You are right!

What an oddly phrased question, especially without punctuation :thinking:
Regardless, it’s extremely unlikely the ice flaks will be released this fort event. CF would have had a bunch of posts about it and it would probably have shown up in the 3.90 release notes. Likely, you won’t see them until mid season or even next season :man_shrugging:t3:


So it seems like we have the next fort event coming up this weekend and I don‘t expect the roll out of the Ice Flak with the long silence about them and PG being on vacation…
So just bumping this thread, is there any ETA or any news about the Ice Flak?

And it moght be a little too early but with Fire Turrets, Ice Turrets and three Elemental Flaks it might be time to release a new strong projectile tower once the Ice Flak is out.


And put people’s hard earned Necryx’s at risk of actually dying??!??!??!??!?!


No rage = dead Necryx :woman_shrugging:


Hahaha right what was I thinking?! :rofl:

No rage = any dead dragon tbh

Hauheset maybe not :stuck_out_tongue:
Depend on fieldsituation at least :smile:

No rage= all dead dragons, emphasis on sorcerers

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