Are Totems Useful?

I know not many players would advise leveling totems, because they’re a “waste” of embers, but are totems still good if they’re left at a low level? Do they serve any benefit to the player using them?


at max lvl 50 you’ll get 19% damage reduction. Its not much but every little bit helps.


Even at lower levels when it’s, say, only a 5% reduction with a low ember cost, that’s still 5% longer your towers can survive.


Don’t waste embers on them Jalen :kissing_heart:


I know people are gonna tell you not to waste embers but really what does that mean? all I hear is how embers are so rare and it’s so hard to get enough to manage your towers. well, I’ve had as many as 7 flaks now currently merged them and down to 3 but still, I’ve never had to worry about running out of embers. if you are doing base boost line in season then you’ll find all the embers you could need. and leveling the totem could be a nice way to earn fortification points when your base is already caught up to your particular stage of the game. as long as you’re active its not a waste of anything.

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I mean… it’s kind of understandable why they say that. It takes 13K+ embers for tower levels 111-115 (or something like that). It definitely gets more and more expensive past level 80 flaks. It makes perfect sense why people say stuff like that.


Upgrading a single flak from 114 to 115 costs 13.5k embers and increases dmg/sec and hp by 5%. Getting a totem for one element from nothing to level 35 for 18% damage reduction costs 17.1k embers. Doesn’t seem like that bad of a deal. I don’t know why anyone would go past level 35, though, as it’s 26.75k embers to get just another 1% damage reduction and HP isn’t at all important for them. The % damage reduction per ember is even better for the lower level totems.

The only problems I see are:

  1. if you are short on embers. Three flaks could be enough for a very long time, especially with all the new electrum towers. If the player is active, they shouldn’t have a shortage of embers for three flaks.

  2. if you run out of space. Many players have a ton of space near the home island without expecting to expand back there for a long time.


I feel that eletrum bars are the new premium rss and I have more embers than what I need.

In all honesty, I’m afraid that flaks will go the way of the ice and fire turrets (see the orrery as exhibit A). If I need points and not levels, I would definitely build one, because I don’t care about embers at this point.

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