Are we expecting a new exotic rune?

Hello folks!
We had exotic runes last seasons (Fire and Dark flak).

I got both last seasons and my dream would be a double hp rune for blue/red mage. Although for this to work they must start releasing exotic glyphs and not normal ones as i already filled my two spots with exotic fire and dark runes.

They will probably (if they release one) release an exotic ice flak as it’s a popular tower.

What do you guys think/hope for ?

Erotic ballista rune umm I mean exotic…:drooling_face:


if pg know how to do business they will give us an exotic rage rune with 30+ rage and non class specific buff as second modified.
But let’s be real here, it’s probably gonna be an exotic ice flak rune.

Earth or ice flak glyph to many runes need glyphs

oh no… not again… :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


If it’s not HP related not interested

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No announcement yet for exotic rune, does that mean we wont get any?

So @Arelyna , could you answer that? Didnt see this branch at all… but my english is poor so, if you can answer this directly I´ll be very gratefull…

I’m assuming PG listened to the complains of last season and will put out the rune in some random week further into the event.

They said there would be one this season, they just never said when or what it would be

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