Are we getting any good dragon soon, PG?

This season dragons are terrible PG. what is going on with your experts flyers AKA GPF or whatever they are called ? Aren’t they giving you the right advices? I mean the best option is Nocturd Yes NOCTURD and still can’t kill one freaking island of 94’s. Come on!!! You can do better PG.


We dont need new ones, all we need is the latest 5 mytics to be changed. Cause non of them is usefull :man_shrugging:


There are no motivations to go for any of the mythics this days. They all are trash.


There have been lots of rubbish seasonal and lineage mythics in the past. Is it really much worse now?

There was a statement from Arelyna if I’m not mistaken about seeing into fafnyr (possibly). I’m also not very excited by any of them :no_mouth:

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whatever gpf give to pg may or may not be accepted by pg.

I just want the Namaka-style test drive back, because I can’t even tell any more. People will say everything sucks, but some of the things are good enough, even quite fun, for me.


The Abysmal flying bags of crap cost 520k tokens now? How many did Girasol cost?

A divine that only 1% can fly without studying the base (Atlas) and it falls out of the sky like wet newspaper isnt that useful to the other 99%


How much did girasol cost on release is only a part of the equation and a drastic oversimplification of the way the game has evolved over time.

Girasol was 225k on release I believe. But when obsidian tier was the highest tier there was:

No atlas seasonal lines
No general atlas access I believe for the majority of teams
No atlas token missions
No egg ballon progression
No egg bonus mission lines
No team quests
No team achievements

So yes it’s more expensive but you can also gain a lot more token probably worth a minimum of an extra 4K a day for a casual player from missions, balloon improvement and atlas fail reward which makes up 100k increase in the cost.

Of course for anyone grinding hard the difference between what they’d farm then and now is probably more like an extra 200k. Yes they’re expensive but the relative cost increase isn’t that much from obsidian to abyssal. The issue is they didn’t slowly ramp it up.


You may be flying Noc wrong… in fact you definitely are. Noc can easily handle 94s

Just wait till Feb when the SWOT tier is released and Legs cost 380k and Mytics are 780k each.


Honestly you spend so much time moaning about the costs etc whilst you’re still actually progressing forwards. You were saying you were stuck at n-1 and couldn’t move catch up but you have 2 of the current tier legendaries. If you channeled as much energy into grinding tokens as you did moaning about it you’d have caught up already.

But what do I know I’m just an elite only player that had no issues traversing the current tier.

Ewwww you pay for elite? Why?

Yea like I never saw anything about namaka on the forums until after the season was over :man_shrugging:t2:

Don’t steal my sunshine, DJ. :slight_smile:
You don’t know how much grinding I do, or do not unless MG is keeping you updated.

The amount of time/work/$$$ I’ve put in lately trying to catch up is not sustainable by me going forward, nor most players. We know for a fact the massive cost increase simply was because the spenders had slowed down. That is a pretty lame reason for 60% cost bump on a single tier.

I have yet to do ANY research since the updates were released and I used the garnet eggs on hand and I’m still 30 days behind the curve. This game is not sustainable with a static player base.

PG needs to do something, anything and soon and I don’t mean another 60% bump for “meh” dragons. Breeding 520K speed bumps is boring. The costs are NOT in line with the rewards, hence this thread.


I don’t need to know how much you do. I know what I do without buying packs. I know that I went from 20k egg tokens when abyssals were released to getting a mythic the breeding they were released without buying a pack.

Either you’re not putting in the work or you’re not putting in the work efficiently. It’s actually more than possible to catch up as a very active elite to play player. It’s not so possible if you’re not putting in the work or not planning it out.

It’s a game. ‘Putting in the work’ sounds like a job, which is how WD feels these days.

Not everyone should be at end game or even catching up, but just maintaining any sort of progress post lvl 360 feels like a part time job.


I think the issue is that there are not as many people willing to pay or put in the work needed. If players are spending less and if the time required to grind has become too much for most players and it is affecting the player base, you can either keep telling them to spend more time and money so that things don’t die, or you can make adjustments to meet your current market.

Maybe players used to be willing to spend the time needed to grind out the next tier to keep up… but my gut says that with Atlas demands players are less willing to do that. So keep telling people they can do it if they do more if you like, but part of a successful business is to understand your customers… all of them and adapt as required.


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