Are we suppose to have a round 26 this CC

Looks like PG forgot about daylights savings and gave us 26 rounds this Crystal Caverns.

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So some teams get double PvE pairings. Seems fair


This might cause a lot of problems. Had just finished my last attack to land at 23rd for event and noticed a round 26 started.

Played round 26 in order to keep my placement. Was at 799k points; therefore, wasn’t getting any additional event prizes. But others around me are now under 25 and will be rightfully pissed when they find out what happened.

A lot of players have gotten on others for taking advantage of these kinds of mishaps - but once again - I’m not getting any additional prizes and was just keeping my placement. Not taking a chance PG keeps the standing after round 26 and wastes all the work I did over the last 4 days.

Would rather they go back to standings at end of round 25 and give me my rss back. Plus something for wasting an additional hour.


Yeah, there were a number of blue streaks cursed for those teams who got a second go with pve.

Sounds fair ¯_(ツ)_/¯


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