Are you going to nerf kull?

I need a concrete answer to decide what I am going for this season so an employee’s answer would help. @crisis

Edit: I don’t think he should be nerfed. He is a strong dragon but still need skill to fly. It is also extremely unfair to the people who spent a lot in that line


I agree we need a concrete answer! Yes or No pg?

I mean I legitimately hope they do not cause I want this dragon…
But knowing… “us” the players… the forums, and pg…

I fear the answer might be a yes. :woman_shrugging:.

I say prob not a nerf, per say, but I say he gets neutered with a time limit on the cloak, or a much smaller limit to cloak amounts :woman_shrugging: like idk, let’s say 15 for example… 100 is absurd and frankly it was stupid for pg/ Gpf to allow this tbh, whichever is to blame :woman_shrugging:.

In a game where everyone’s bullsh@t cup has literally been running over… wasnt the best decision.

I really REALLY doubt we’ll get much of a response other than “it’s something we’re keeping an eye on”. From a business standpoint they probably wont give a firm yes or no this early in. If they say no and then later decide they need to do it then it will cause massive problems and open up cases for refunds from google and apple. If they say yes this early then people wont get it.
If something does happen with it then it probably wont be until closer to the end of the season or even into the following season

I just wish we could hear how the GPF felt about him.


Guarantee this will be the case. Too late for refunds and people get Kull assuming he won’t be nerfed. It’s sad that this is the case, but it’s most likely.

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They’re not going to publicly announce a nerf while people can still throw sigils at it.


If they nerf him, then I would like to know what happens to the people like me that have already spent 15k sigils on his line, do we get a refund so that we can go for a different dragon?

I spent those sigils on a dragon as is, if they are going to nerf him, that product is not the same


Yes, correct absolutley the same- spend 15k sigils for this dragon

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Why do u think they will nerf him 50% of diamond players are warrior players and barely fly hunters , same with the rest of the game , he is not a easy hunter to fly timing and placing requires technique , hunters are viable to a small percentage of the players in game

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I heard they were going to convert him to a warrior.


What nooooo! Where did u hear that. If it’s true, it’s a very cheap and a disgusting move😥

I’d like to fly the dragon a couple times first, but either way I’m in it for the rune.

I heard it last night when I started the rumor.


Stop giving them ideas like these. Knowing pg they might actually do it lol


Interesting decision when you consider Kull is probably the strongest hunter in the game at the moment (barring Hau). :eyes:

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Only if you’re a decent hunter flyer. If you’re a n00b like me, he faceplants on the first island, event if its just a totem. :rofl:

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If he’s not adjusted I’ll fly him, if he gets chopped down I’m not going to worry about it too much, but I do want to fly him first. Need to wait, incubator is currently busy.

It’s basically just modification of an already purchased product. They can’t do that nor they’ll have to give players who already spent on Kullecid the option to get a refund

They can and they have. Repeatedly.

They’ve been doing it AT LEAST as far back as Tarand. (Post release, they changed the name of his white explosive shield to ‘Lethal Barrier’, making it so that regular explosive shield runes/glyphs no longer worked for the spell).


I’m still getting used to flying him :slight_smile: he’s my first decent hunter

Ever had a recall on your car? :stuck_out_tongue: