Are you missing transfers?


Anyone having issues with transfers not occurring but showing up in team chat?


I did during last fort and messaged support only to pretty much be called a dumbass because it showed delivered in the system but never showed up in my storage on my end. Got told the reason the second transfer never showed up was because my storage was already full from the first transfer.


my storage is empty


finally got it 1 hour 10 min later after designated time


have you tried collecting resource to force an update on your resource?

If that is bank to player transfer, there are times that it will not be displayed properly and requires a restart. I experienced this when I was still on an atlas team.

so if you received it 20 minutes later, collect resource, send resource or restart the game and it should display the correct numbers.


I tried transferring resources force closing and tried collecting from my farms and mills and nothing updated it on my end when it happened.


One of our Officers had this occur approximately thirteen hours ago. It was however a bit more strange in that his request was for 6M gold and 750K food and this is what I sent it is what appeared in Team Chat however he only received the 6M gold but zero food. He checked and there is no record of a raid occurring at that time I also did not see a defend invitation banner for that Officer during the time that the transfer should of taken place. Thinking that there may be a potential latency issue he waited another full twenty minutes but still no change to inventory quantity. Our Officer did the all to familiar removal of War Dragons application restart device and fresh install of War Dragons then entered his credentials waited for files to fully download then checked his inventory and still no food, no record of an attack and again restarted device with no food. Had this been the only or even the first occurrence of a transfer not appearing in a teammates inventory that showed in ledger, team chat and with support leaving word that it was in fact received and their reply worded as they are confident that it arrived but teammate just as confident that it was never received and available in their inventory.


have that guy contact support so they can check where the food is.

like what I suggested above, whenever you receive something, but isn’t showing up, collect, transfer, spend resource to force it to update or if not, restart the game.

I experienced that on my end in the past, but it gets fixed if I did one of the 4 (usually the restart fixes it).

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