Are you serious?

Wtf as a paying customer I have the right to voice my concerns and considering PG do not actually respond to my concerns when I report things I decided to post it here’s on the forums in the hope of getting their attention. Instead I get told I am wasting my time and PG’s for posting my concerns regarding a pic and then my post gets closed … Take it no on easy really gives a shit and obviously closing my post … Could PG explain this please … proves my point

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Arelyna already said what to do about this.

This forum does not do call-out threads. Your solution was presented to you in your original post. I closed the post there after. If you have an issue with a closed post, do not make another one. PM the mod (like me) or the Staff (like @Arelyna) who closed your post.

I will be closing this one as well. PM Arelyna like she asked.


For reference, I am okay with people messaging me directly if they have concerns about a player cheating. @TheRedDelilah is correct though that calling people out on the forums is not the correct way to handle this type of situation.

As to me editing your post, I frequently will eliminate the picture with a message to PM me on any posts that do this. Hope this clears things up!