Are you thinking of leaving?


I saw the thread asking “Why do you still play”.
I also saw the thread politely defending the game.
I’ve seen numerous threads by players who are resigning from the game.

Let’s stop beating around the bush…who is actually thinking of quitting?
How are you reconciling leaving the game after investing time and money that you won’t get back?
And, if you ARE thinking of leaving, what game are you playing instead?

I quit the game for well over a year, but I still came back.
It only took me a WEEK to get sucked back into spending money…and that was about 6 months ago.
I’m addicted. Until I find a different game with the same dopamine release, I think I’m stuck.


It ain’t an investment bud.

But I am one of the people thinking of leaving. Winter is my last hope, if it is screwed up I will likely be gone soon after


Planning on it as well gonna wait till end of the year if same or worse my new years resolution is to never look back at this game.


Season’s end could be it for me. I doubt PG will do anything in the next 3 weeks to change that from happening.


I’m not just thinking about it, after this season ends I’ll be quitting. Not entirely, I still want to log on now and then and see what’s going on. I’ll park my account on a little silver or bronze team and just hop on now and then.

But yeah, PG finally ruined the game for me when I used to love it immensely and couldn’t imagine leaving it. Now I have to force myself to participate in the last few events of the season for my team and then I’ll be gone.

Edit: As for the new game I’m spending my time on, I like Town of Salem. :grin: As for a mobile game I’m still looking for one that catches my eye.


That is one of the most TREMENDOUS games of all time. I’m glad you are a fan.


Sometimes it can be frustrating since there’s a lot of idiots and trolls but overall, I love the game. Gotta have a brain to play it and money doesn’t get you anything more than cosmetics. That’s how a game should be imo.


As of right now I’m done spending and grinding. I’ll stick around with my team until my elite runs out then I will most likely through in the towel. As for other mobile games I haven’t found one yet that seems interesting enough to keep my attention like wd does. This is only the second game I’ve played longer than a year.

  1. I didn’t invest anything. I purchased additional fun. It’s like going to the arcade or something. It’s sunk cost.

  2. I would have been playing a game anyway, just happened to be this one. I don’t consider my time lost.


I’ve quit. My mini is staying until the end of the season to finish Pathox. I’m not sure why I am even doing that.

Playing Darkness Rises right now


I tried that game but it annoyed me. The UI was not intuitive and I couldn’t get used to it (hmm sounds like the newish UI for this game). It also overly sexualized everything


It definitely does that lol


Reconcile? You don’t. Don’t even try if you do, you’re lost. You reach down inside yourself, say f it and move on. Or do a cost benefit analysis that ignores what you have already spent other than for the purpose to demonstrate that you will be saving at least that much.

Is there someplace you ever wanted to go, a cruise, learn how to fly a plane, helicopter, an addition to your house,a hell of a nice boat, or motorcycle, car…? The list goes on.

I don’t know how much you’ve invested over time, but you get my drift. In my case I could have bought a pre-70’s classic muscle car, or another 2013 Boss 302. That is what really opened my eyes! We’ve already remodeled an addition to our house with what I’ve saved since May. If you were spending $100/wk, put that into a savings account and use it for something tangible.


For what I have spent on this game as an elite only player I could have bought 1.5 full price console/pc games. And that is the very low end of the spectrum.

I am not disappointed I played WD instead, I am just disappointed I don’t want to spend more.


I will not be leaving but I have also decided to stop spending. I will stay to talk to my friends and help my team. PG has made a mess, yet again. I am very sad and unfortunately only a little disappointed.


once im off the hook, ill leave this game for sure. its really demanding time


Like the game and the folks in it. I will continue to play. Wallet has been given the wife, no more packs for me, shoes and hand bags for her.


There is a 95% chance that December 5th will be my last day playing


Im on the very edge right now tbh


I’m probably done soon as well. With this lack of appropriate response from PG I’m finding the game less fun and overall disappointing. I had goals for this season that I’ve entirely let go because I just don’t want to log in and be reminded of all of the B.S. anymore.
Edit to add: one of those goals was to get Aristrat as well as pathox (yes, that requires some spending) and now I won’t be able to do this because I refuse to buy packs at half the value that I see offered to other players. This is a HUGE source of my discontent with the game.