Are you thinking of leaving?


I think I have to agree. Other than friends on game , this game does not listen to ideas, not set up well and just want your money.


To be fair, part of the reason it’s less fun is (beyond the unethical offerings to some players and not others) the overall upset in the playerbase, including current and future teammates. Some friends have already left and day by day I think more and more that they were the smarter of our group.
If I was to put a realistic timeline on it… I’d say PG has a week to save me as a player. By then I’ll be done being sad about leaving and be on to all the other cool things i can do with my time and money.


:eyes: Wow


It’s ridiculous, actually. Literally all that PG had to do was make those improved packs available to everyone and respond to that other thread with a vision for the future of the game that addresses player feedback with some broad timeline goals. I would have been appeased and stayed around to see if they made good on their vision… and I’d have spent money along the way.


Try being recruitment officer in a S1 team in times likes this. I don’t recommend it!:sweat_smile:


Playing same, love it.

Stopped spending myself… waiting to see if a reply is made for the vanguard tier post… if nothing that suits me… I’m out as well… :v:


that IS my problem…


I stay … at least for a while😂


Just put the one and two days timers in the gold chest asap and I’m happy to stay


:open_mouth: that would be a shock, where will I get my spreadsheets?

Are next season’s plans that bad? Yeah NDA I know…


I will evaluate my we future at season end


I am evaluating whether or not to continue. I have always tried to be reasonable and strike a balance between PG and the players but I have had such persistent problems over the last few months with so little help that it’s hard to justify continuing playing.

PGs reaction to issues and snails pace responses to players haven’t helped. That and people I respect and trust have started to leave.

I would love to stay. I enjoy the idea of the game. I enjoy the designs, asthetics, the feel.

Unless something changes I expect I will be dropping very inactive by halfway through next season. PG give me a reason to want to stick around. Talk to us before too many of us leave.


Dear PG,

It is not my place to comment on your company’s business model, but seeing SO MANY unsatisfied customers would be a concern for MY sales-based business. Anybody in sales knows that one bad review, or one bad comment shared amongst friends, can severely impact your career. Whether there are 5, 10, 100, or 1000 active players who feel like the comments shared above…it should be enough to raise concerns on your end.

It doesn’t sound like people are asking for much. An addressing of current gameplay issues, and an explanation of your vision for where this game is headed seems like it would be enough for most of the people we are hearing from to calm down and “give it another go”.

Just my two cents…


I will stay for my team. But my activity has dropped off very much and I stopped spending. My elite account expired and I didn’t renew it, and my regular elite is about to expire and I won’t renew that either. I am past 300 anyway so it doesn’t matter, I won’t be seeing much progression anyway. Actually the game is a bit more enjoyable when you aren’t throwing money away on it.

If I didn’t have my team, I probably would have left after the huitzil nerf. And I didn’t think PG would be able to get much worst than that but they did, every step of the way. I was going to spend to finish aristrat but no way I’m spending $100 for 35k rubies when others get 15k rubies for $20. The disparity is huge, and it really shows that PG does not care about its customers at all.

I did find another game to occupy extra time now that I’m not so active in Chore Dragons. I got to get back in touch with friends from 15 years ago and it’s exciting. Sadly for war dragons I’m afraid that PG will simply wait too long to address any problems.


Despite an NDA we should know in the next couple weeks


I have been wanting to quit for a year + then i found out how much money we had spent. IT took a long time to get that info. That is the number 1 reason. I quit spending, eventually it will prorate out to a reasonable amount. Also, my family would be crushed. It’s a family activity. And there is the team. We have been together a long time. The old game is still fun. The managers…less said.


Most people know i quit spending over 1.5 years ago because of all the issues that people still have today. I have been playing actively, but my heart isn’t in it like it once was. I cling to the hope meaningful changes will occur, there was a glimmer of hope there with the progression changes but they PG’d it :frowning: too bad.

But even my non-spending hopeful self is getting ready to throw in the towel. I have been a harsh critic of PG on forums for years (believe it or not i am actually a cheerful person if you know me outside of forums lol) but without any meaningful changes i see no reason to be a critic any longer, nothing gets done.


I too am thinking of leaving. My heart isn’t in it anymore and I know my team can tell. I’m starting to be more of a burden because I just don’t find the game as exciting as it once was. With all of the changes and lack of information from PG it’s not a game I want to continue to invest in. I don’t even know why I play anymore except for the investment. I start school back up when fall season ends this just might be it for me. I can’t even clear two season lines anymore.




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