Are you thinking of leaving?


Well, next season to next year should be very interesting then for me, seeing all the fallout from this. Everyone have a good one in whatever choice you make. :v:


pple are talking about how they have not invested anything but fail to realize the precious and priceless time lost on this game. i have so many regrets about wasting so much of my life on WD, it all cones down to nothing especially with the pressure increasing just to stay on level…


Things will not change. Since PG took over, this game has gone downhill at a very rapid rate. One hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing and the decisions they have made have ruined this game completely. It is neither fun nor exciting any longer. The decisions to kiss the whales asses is so apparent, it SHOULD be embarrassing, but I doubt it is. Good luck when they aevthe only ones around. They will get bored and move on and then where will PG be? One day you will wish you took the time to listen to the player base.

Unless there are huge changes, which again is quite doubtful, I will be leaving after winter season.

PG has to be the worst game owner I have ever seen. Seriously! BAR NONE!


I love Town of Salem. Love how it’s different every time


I enjoyed playing the game mostly but it was more for the people than the content honestly. I have those people on Line so I don’t really need to play to keep in touch with them and I have a tonne of other things I need to focus on more.

As for other games I mainly play console games rather than mobile. Hit 120% on Spyro yesterday so my time is being spent elsewhere for sure lol


I’ve literally had an ongoing issue that affects my game only in event screens in the main game and Atlas events, and no matter how many tickets I submit, I’ve still not gotten any resolve. And I don’t even think it matters to PG anymore. I played Puzzle and Dragons for 6 years before my husband introduced me to WD. I fell so in love with the game that I completely quit P&D which is something I didn’t see coming. Now I can barely stand to log in to this game anymore. Luckily I’ve discovered Dungeon Hunter Champions, and I’m more and more comfortable with leaving WD behind. Hopefully they get off their assess and listen to their fans more often. Otherwise…


:sob::cry::slightly_frowning_face: …and an another great person leaving.


The forums and game will be much poorer without you.

I’m interested in the 95% figure; usually you are very precise on any figures you mention so wondering how you calculated this one :wink:


I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that 5%, but to be honest I suspect the 5% chance involves PG suddenly making one or more sensible decisions, and I fear it might be over-estimated.


I left the game once, I can do that again. There are so many games out there, it takes a little time to find the right one I will spend years on.

As an alternative I still have my laptop, and the XBOX. I may redo KoAR or Dragon Age 1-2.


Same as most, will see next season. The time this game takes plus benefits (leveling and FUN) are too much… and if you add some lack of ethic boom!


Actually I found a new game and I really love it
Not gonna quit yet,but now I have something to compare with(since WD is my first online game)
I love a lot of things in that game
Maybe I’ll try to push some of them in suggestions(adapted to WD) and MAYBE someone will try to read it and make it live)


I admire your unshakeable faith and hope, but it’s time to wake up, Alice!


If literally nothing changes, I am contemplating making a New Year’s Resolution to leave the game. I love creating content for it, but the headaches and frustration and lack of communication from PG is truly disheartening. It’s like being in an abusive relationship (obviously NOWHERE near as serious a situation as that), in that we get so accustomed to the abuse at the hands of PG that we just chalk it up as par for the course. I absolutely want to be proven wrong, and I want to hope that they are going to make things right, but at some point you have to put a deadline on things.


I’m probably out at seasons end, just dont see the point in continuing


I think that new year deadline is a reasonable one as well. I think I may steal that myself.




I’d say above average at least…



I’m torn between leaving because I’m currently wasting my time, and staying so that if they do make meaningful changes, I don’t lose out on several months worth of egg tokens/supplies.

Although when you think about it logically, quitting = low risk, high reward. Staying = high risk, low reward. Might as well quit because it’s the only situation where I win. I’ve got amicable relationships with people in the game but nobody I’d truly consider a good friend or someone who affected my life significantly. At the end of the day, it’s a game.


At some point you have to say enough is enough. At 3.5 years this is by far the longest I have played ANY game let alone a mobile game. I am not hardcore. I don’t spend thousands of dollars to have the latest shiny thing that PG puts out. For me the game has to be fun and over the last 6 months it has become increasingly apparent that it will not be fun again.

I give it to the end of the year as well. If nothing substantial happens I’m out. I’ll sit back and wait for my all harbringers for free email to show up. :vulcan_salute:t2: