Are you thinking of leaving?


I’ll never get an offer to return, because I never took out a second mortgage on my house.


Crazy, that hurts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m what they call a whale, and i havent spent a dime in awhile, especially won’t till the better timers come, and even then its at the forefront of my mind


Even if I stop hitting you in NML?


Hm. Not yet- I’m still finding the game fun, and I have goals I want to hit, I think. Despite all the shitty things that’ve come from PG, this game still feels worth it to spend time on for me. At max, I’ll slow down, focus on progression alone, and look away from season progress.

I don’t spend, apart from elite, so maybe that’s why I’m still finding value here.

Even if you take away the commentary about ‘friends and relationships’, etc. I’d probably still find enjoyment in sandbagging in low gold and bullying tiny people :P.


So definitely maybe


Honestly as much as I rant about PG and the situations they’ve put the game in that could so easily be avoided, it has never crossed my mind to completely quit. Maybe it’s cause I’m addicted, maybe I have some false hope that one day PG will get their heads out of their ____ and start listening to their players.

PG sure doesn’t seem to care whatsoever about their players, but that’s been the case for years and we’ve kept playing. This game has never been stellar because of the support, development, etc. but because of the community that plays it. I can’t toss in the towel after putting so much work into my channel (almost 600 videos) and making the connections with all those players.

Just a personal tip that helped me personally chill after seeing PG neglect the players over and over again…get off the forums :joy:. The forums are a great way to interact with the developers 1 on 1 but they do bring in a very negative attitude about everything. Since I’ve stepped back from the forums, the game has been much more enjoyable. There’s still all the glitches, but I’m not having to read all the negativity constantly. I think Red made the right choice.


I didn’t wait any longer… I loved my team, they were the only reason I came back, but… but that wasn’t enough.

Last night I uninstalled the game, notified my team on LINE that I was leaving for good, and deleted the LINE ID, along with the chat app itself. Wars, events, evo stones, sigils… the shit loads of rubies and chests I hoarded… all just insignificant things. (Contacted Google to ask for refunds as well) I am free now. There is no turning back, and I am happy I did!


Oh,you get me wrong,haha
I’m not expecting them to do anything
That’s why my nerves are safe now
Been there 2 years ago and then I just decided to switch off my personal ambitions as a player and have fun with team
When there is no expectation-there is no disappointment
Idk why everyone even have this thought in their mind,that they must or can have influence on their decisions
They can listen to us,they can sell us a product
We are free to choose if we want it or not

Even if X % of ppl will be unhappy,Y % will be happy and still will pay money for whatever reason
I saw a lot of ppl quitting the game
Brilliant flyers,smart strategs,sources of info,huge spenders.
And game still alive.
I’m not saying that it’s good,bad or that I’m not upset to loose some of them
I’m saying,that there always will be a circle
With different ppl in it

So all we can do is to put some interesting ideas in understandable for them way and hope that maybe they will love it :woman_shrugging:t2:
Yes-cool! No-oh well,go and have a good family weekend.
Ppl have a tendency to take things too close to heart
Just log off from forums and you will notice that there is way less drama outside,in main game
And lot of ppl have no idea who are some famous Forum Stars🤷🏻‍♀️
I’m talking about this in a such relaxed way,because there was over 3 years since I’m here and I think,WD taught me patience way better then yoga classes :joy_cat:


I wish WDF was the only source of stress, but, no:
The bugs, glitches, the lovely but very competitive team, the atlas bs, spreadsheets, prims, troops, events… WD in the morning, WD in the afternoon, WD after sunset, WD War Dragons War Dragons War Dragons War Dragons War Dragons… Enough!

I need a solo game, where there are no events, no deadlines, no other players, no lies, no stress.
Or a book.
A book is better.


A book is always better :blush::heart:


Penthouse forums are more enjoyable than WDF.


I probably won’t leave but I see myself spending less and less time on this game, which will mean less and less money as well. I’m sure I’m in their top 1% of spenders, maybe in top 0.1%. Next season I’ll probably only be putting about 10% of time and effort in as I am this season… Grinding has just gotten boring and redundant. The main game events are not worth spending time on.

The game keeps crashing in android, atlas is always down, new bugs always pop up that never get fixed… it’s just getting more and more lame. They think they’ll fix the game with a shiney new object instead of focusing on things that matter. They let lots of things become obsolete like shrine dragon, etc which could easily be a shiney new object on it’s own. Nothing scales well and rewards are just getting weaker and weaker giving less incentive to put in time and effort.

Plus the fact we can’t recycle anything we work hard for or spend money on gives even less incentive to keep putting more into the game. I feel bad for the suckers that have level 60 cannons and trebs that were early heavy spenders. If they want to encourage people who are spenders or heavy spenders to keep in the game they should allow for tower recycling not give away shiney new towers and dragons. That’s just retarded.


I’m not gonna spend because of one simply thing
I reached 300 wall and beat it already
I’ve been waiting for discount for 300-330 ppl so long,and it never come yet
Now I need 358 lvl
And I don’t want to buy more packs and then they will bring discount for everyone :woman_shrugging:t2:
Not falling to this again
Same as not gonna buy Mythic again,since I’ll quit faster,then max it :joy_cat::woman_shrugging:t2:
Plus he will be not effective or nerfed that time
I guess we will see how long I’ll be helpful for my team
And when I won’t-I’ll quit


I’m not sure what I’m doing I consider myself a high spender I don’t really see myself spending anymore until they do something about timers and with the change to the hat rate there’s no reason for me to sign on every hour and soon to change to poachers It seems it will be limited to just your team so it will be pointless to get armor if you can’t levels up :joy: anyone who buys the PAC for the crystals need to go to the doctor and get their head checked so I think I might just go join the lowest ranked team And go kill all my troops and not give two shits about it


you would be amazed how much fun atlas becomes when you go and sandbag. opens up a huge world of possiblities at max glory. i recommend everyone try it before quitting


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I would say maybe 3-4 tbh. The rants at least are not terrible. However, that’s 3-4 more than you :upside_down_face:


Indeed it is, guess ill have to try harder lol


Why not just block anything but recruitment and off topic section?
Or perhaps suggestion too, given that those are the least categories commented by PG staff :joy::joy::joy: