Are you thinking of leaving?


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No more than 1 day old. :roll_eyes:


I would leave but I just got back in the spring after saying I would leave last summer so :confused: Might as well play it out


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I am thinking about it. I am rapidly approaching the 300 mountain, and just as rapidly, long term players are dropping like flies, and things changing in ways that appear to only make things worse. I’m looking at maybe 3 months before I will be at the crossroads. :unamused:


I have been thinking a lot lately about quitting. I have barely topped the dreaded 300 mountain that @JustSuperman mentioned (L315) and it has been a horrible grind. Don’t get me wrong… I don’t mind grinding, but the XP required (and LONG Build times) to level past L300 is terrible. I’ve been playing over two years now. I am not a big spender, but I do have Elite. It has taken a great deal of grinding to get where I am, but now I’m getting stagnant. It is painfully slow to level now. I have 5 Harbinger Lineage drags (including 1 Mythic) and have just barely reached L315 to evolve my Divines. I have the parents to breed a Vanguard, but can’t do anything with it until I put on another 15+ levels. With only Elite, that is likely many months away. All of that, along with all of the other issues in the game that have been mentioned here over and over but have still never been fixed, the game has become extremely frustrating especially after passing L300.

PG seems to treat the game like a beat-up Corvette that has a bad clutch and an engine that barely runs on 4 cylinders. They refuse to fix the issues but instead they put a bright, shiny new paint job on it (new UI) and add some fuzzy dice that we don’t need. It runs like crap and is difficult to keep driving, but doesn’t it look pretty?? Oh well… I guess as long as there are people still out there willing to spend money to rent it, nothing will change.

So yeah… Sadly, I am seriously considering quitting the game to stop the insanity.


I have thought about leaving many times recently but always stay because of the people. I am below the 315 wall and it’s sad to say it could take me three fortifications to finish growing from 300 to 315.

Not really sure what the solution is to be honest. If they let us level too fast, then what? We’ll all be sitting around on our thumbs or clamoring for new content. It’s a balance to be sure. Maybe we’re just reaching the natural end?

I just renewed my elite for the third year back a few fortifications events, and frankly that was one of the times I came the closest to quitting. It REALLY pissed me off that I had two or three weeks left on my elite but the game wouldn’t let me build two simultaneous buildings since my elite would end prior to the building’s completion.

Yeah, well, I was going to speed it anyhow, so why couldn’t they figure out a smoother way to let you use something you’ve already paid for rather than in effect ending it early? Maybe say charge me speeds for the days beyond my elite or wait until the elite is ending and give me the option to speed, use rubies, or cancel the build (once only - I know this isn’t ideal due to the points and xp gained). Point is, think outside the box a little PG.

I probably would have quit over a year ago if I slept more than 4 hours a night. It’s nice to have something quiet to do that doesn’t wake the household. Well, unless I start tapping too feverishly.



I’m just here because I’m a fantasy fan and a roleplayer. My only ambition this season is to fill out Prospero, and only as an Edgar Allen Poe fan.


All I can say is I think there is an evident exodus of players.
If my crazy lazy team team made it to plat 3 with no effort… then I noticed there are some teams in plat 3 that wouldn’t have made it to gold 1 6 months ago ( only because they do cheap wars on outnumbered teams, even though they have weak roster, i mean highest def is level 300 something with 200m def even mini me can beat that) that must mean many teams disbanded and many players have quit. This game is going down so fast, I’m not happy about it


I’ll be here as long as it exists, now that I’ve learned about it


I do agree with @FLAKnIceHole regarding the people. I have met some great people because of this game. Even though my progress within the game has slowed dramatically, its the people that have kept me here. :+1::beer:


So gone my player ID is a postcard


@Prodigy I’m afraid to ask what’s written on that postcard. :joy::joy::joy:


7 levels of hell


At the end of last season, I was ready to walk out. I started a thread (Dissatisfied? What are you going to do?). At that time, I had every intention of leaving the game. I left my S2 team and went to my sister’s Gold team, was slowing pulling away from the game, figured the end of the season would be it.

Then two things happened that changed my mind: PG released the Fall dragons, and I knew I wanted Pathox; and I was invited to the GPF. Because I decided I wanted Pathox, I jumped back in. I got into an S1 team (now D2). I played this season hard. I’m on the Garnet stone for Pathox with 2 weeks left, with a Benjamin benchmarked for sigil chests.

I feel like I’ve made some contributions to the community as a regular forum poster. I feel like I’ve made some rational arguments as a member of the GPF that have contributed a bit to the discourse (or at least sparked some intense debates).

But if the most fun I have related to this game comes from my forum activity, and from working with (and arguing with) the members of the GPF (often just because they’re so damned good at the argument that the whole thing is just fun), then I have to start questioning whether or not I should keep playing.

And as I’ve said before - the end of this season and beginning of the next is going to be an important milestone in the game. Either PG will begin to right the ship, or the exodus is going to become very real, very quickly.

Seeing someone like @mechengg leave would be one of the things that would likely push me over the edge.