Are you thinking of leaving?


I agree, I was on the fence about leaving the game after this season. For now I’ve changed my mind but at this point it wouldn’t take much to push me over the edge. The only thing that’s keeping me here is a great team and the hopes that PG changes but don’t see that happening.


We will miss you and hope one day we will see you flying again. And thank you for your contribution in this forum as well your help in reviewing my base. Cheers!


I did the PG survey this morning and one point that i am very disappointed with PG is the lack of communication.


For the first time ever, i want in! :slight_smile:


No you don’t and let me list the reasons why:


I want to argue though!!! General forums arn’t enough. :joy:


I’m a fairly competent apologist.

And I get my ass handed to me daily.


Hi everyone :rofl:


I am thinking of it as well. I just feel empty having, note keyword having, to log in and play. I don’t get anything other than, “I don’t want to log in.” I feel guilty for not logging in, not helping my team, not collecting my daily, etc etc but I just don’t want to do it. It’s been only one day and I feel extremely guilty not logging in. Waiting for the screen wondering if it will be stuck loading (an old problem) or I will get to log in and then go through the joyless motions and then log out. I got nothing left and no reason from PG to continue playing.


Yes, these new Atlas troop changes are making me seriously think of leaving. And on my main account I spend $500 a month at least. I have stopped spending for now… and might just walk away because of the idiotic changes PG have made that really only benefit the top 1% in Atlas.


I made a recent list of changes PG has made that directly screws over the players and/or hurts the game. I posted in several threads. Even one of the items would be troublesome, but this list of horrible changes PG has made numbered ~14…all in the last few months. If they don’t fix their shit I’ll have to call it quits.


It all depends for me on the development of when a team can get atlas, recreating a disbanded atlas team to gain atlas acces is for me not the solution.


idk if i am going to stop or not, im new tho this game. the streamer on youtube is lame and sucky, there is no information provide on any else. war is demanding time and healthyness. i cant keep it anymore


I’m not competitive. I’m here because dragons are cool and mythology is an obsession of mine.


I’m done buying anything until game is fixed completely for everyone


I did that 1.75 years ago… I still am not spending


I left already,even if I’m playing still
I use to give my heart to this game,but not anymore
Just doing stuff automatically,because I don’t want to abandon account,which I invested so much my time and effort
Plus I still have few friends here
But tbh,I can talk with them even if I’ll quit,so :woman_shrugging:t2:Maybe it will be last season for me





PG will delete this thread in a few minutes.


well its been open for 21 days…