Are you thinking of leaving?


It just might be last season for me if they don’t fix development gaming issues and causing everyone to lose out on atlas elite troops element shards for riders and so much more. Being in another team alliances chat for more than 2 months not being able to defend myself during regular or atlas attacks


All 4 of my accounts have been replaced now (198-310). My friends 2 accounts also replaced (300’s). Weve just been hanging out offering assistance verbally on the transition but will be out completely when his Xbox arrives :joy: It’s time to actually have fun again. It was hard to walk away from such a long term commitment having played over 2 years but even harder to walk away from the team. However, its been clear for a long time the game will bleed you dry and leave you wondering “why the hell did I spend so much time on it”, It hasn’t been fun for a long time and only heavy spenders get anywhere. I love competition but can’t compete against hacked accounts and those that can just buy it all. $ over skill :thinking: doesn’t matter if I can fly the drags when a purchased 4/500 level with vanguard just breeze thru whether they know how to properly fly or not. Have obsidian status on my events even tho I have harbinger (capped) drags. I can’t progress and can’t even see a good fix. The game has been unbalanced far to long.


@xxxKimberlyxxx inbox me if you’re would like me to take them over until you decide maybe one day you’ll return


Your inbox will now be monitored by PG. :woman_facepalming:


JSmooth being not so smooth :rofl:


Lol well I guess ya can’t blame a guy for tryin :joy:. Will prolly just make them all chest or mission bases to help those that have decided to stay.


If you want to quit, then quit. Stop searching for attention in the forums.

This game will not change, so… play it or don’t.


:joy: was responding to the post as a long time player and while still in the game. Looks like you are the one seeking attention by attacking me.


:popcorn: :sunglasses:


It’s my impression that people who spend money on games like these is for one of two reasons: (1) issues with delayed gratification (they opt for instant gratification) and/or (2) FOMO (the fear of missing out). I say this because the game is 100% playable without spending money, so I am relying on these cognitive constructs to explain the behaviour. I can think of other reasons but then I’d be diagnosing y’all with clinical issues :wink:


I disagree the scaling is such that at some point the game becomes unplayable unless you like to spend a decade between tiers.



Yes, I’m thinking about it now.

The more I discover about this awesome update, the more I am realizing that PG is basically just taking resources away from players. Here, we increased the hat regen, and decreased troop loss, but, you lose shards per day…:man_facepalming:


I have already shifted to once a day attendance, do token missions, use event free energy, war if there is one and go. No pleasure in it now other than just flying a dragon a few times on easy bases. Sick of not being able to feed any dragon or miss out on feeding events. Irritated by atlas distorting the real game. Riders, gear, etc. Fed up with event dragons, wretched flac towers. Constant bugs. I will probably not go completely, just stay at minimal attendance. Not hooked any more. Close to a chore now. Fortunately I never spend a penny on any on line game.
Even looked back in on puzzle pirates occasionally instead, a proper game where money can only get you pretty things not game advantage.



Didn’t you quit a few months ago for like a week then came back.


I took a few weeks off, yes. Your point?

It seemed PG was starting to go in the right directionback then, but then they crashed hard during this last season.

The start of this season seemed to offer some steps in the right direction, however I think those steps are only baby steps being accompanied with huge strides backwards :man_shrugging:


My point is a lot of people claim they’re leaving or leave for a few weeks and return. Announcing their attention to leave doesn’t mean that much. It’s just chatter same as all the people who are planning to leave at the end of a season. Why wait till the end of the season to finish something if you’re quitting the game?


Steal essence xp base please :pray: (lv 1 Fire Turret plus high level behind…
I think we don’t have any.


Personally, I had every intention. I’m still waiting to see what PG ends up announcing. So, here I am, two days past my personal deadline.

#noregrets #stillnotspending #throwingouthashtagsforthesakeofhashtagthrowing


I’m failing to see your point though. You’re commenting in a thread FULL of people declaring their intentions or thoughts of leaving :man_shrugging:

Maybe it’s more of a last ditch effort of saying to PG ”Wake up and start fixing things, or I’m gone”. Not that they seem to give a shit, but :man_shrugging:


I gave until the end of the season for a few reasons:

  • I’m fairly OCD about closure, i don’t like to leave things “unfinished”
  • This gave them several weeks to develop a plan and communicate it to us
  • Gives me time to come to terms with leaving my team members who i’ve been with for almost 2 years now
  • Gives my team time to find someone as a suitable replacement, not just any random

Since many folks have given the same date (2 days ago BTW), that is the date that I have personally used to try and push PG for answers/communication about what they are going to do to solve this. If you haven’t noticed, PG has had probably 2 solid weeks of meeting after meeting discussing WTF to do. They have given enough of an effort that I am holding out for their official public communication on what things they promise to change, and then will evaluate from that communication whether I want to continue or not.