Armory % Drops?

Just curious if you have officially and permanently redacted your drop % information or if this is just temporary until the regular armory is back up and running

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Since this event hauls a little lower in buying out, they lower the percentage drops. Come PVP events where there are more buyers, they lower it more with respect to this event’s drops.

A conspiracy theory.

Whats odd is the percentages showed till the event went live …


Yeah, it was weird to see the old armory come back two seconds after I’d just seen the newer one lmfao :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :t_rex:

What are you even talking about?
They have displayed individual drop chance % rates for each line item in the chart for all “new” armory events. This event they simply rolled it up into the top header which is really unfortunate

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Were there rares in the old gold chests? I can’t remember. If not this is an improvement.

Do the previous drop rates add up to those top numbers? If so likely they didn’t change the individual rate of items.

However @PGCrisis @Arelyna we want individual item drop rates back please!


@Arelyna , @PGCrisis Any word on this?
2 consecutive post tagging same staffs :joy::joy::joy:

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No rares are ever in gold chests.
The %'s are identical to what mine are rolled up to be.


Hmmm :thinking:, I thought they are lower than usual.

Nope you must be getting drops that aren’t what you specific desire lol. They are identical to last feeding event

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