Armory fortification

Why is my armory not working?? Why cant i access it !!!??


I don’t know !!!??

I’m having the same problem :sob::sob:

Please help PG.

Please contact our support team for further assistance - they’ll be able to help you out with this one!

Who is the support i should @?

Just submit a ticket and someone will respond to you.

We are all getting canned repsonses. We need humans to help. Here are the current issues:

~Armory is not available

~Some players can’t redeem prizes with sigils because the game constantly resets"

~This one is bad… multiple players have had their Harbinger dragons deleted, along with egg tokens.
~~The response on this one is that “someone” will look into it and it could take up to 30 days

Really, 30 days??? Holy crapballs Batman!!

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Hey folks, we believe the issue with being unable to access the armory should now be fixed. This was a brief hiccup due to server traffic. Our team was aware of this shortly when the event went live. Everyone should now be able to access it. If anyone is still having trouble, please let me know.

What I don’t appreciate is the canned response I got when I submitted my ticket that it was MY connection issue. I missed out on multiple attacks trying to either get into the armory, trying to attack at all and logging into the game.

Please at least update your responses that it is not OUR connection problems. Your servers are overloaded or there is a bug! Quit blaming us for your issues. Especially when the majority of your customers are having the same issues.

I agree

Can someone close this discussion becuase i dont thunk i can…