Artisan mythic requirements

I did a bit of searching and can’t find the answer so…

Could some kind person please either point to the right post or tell me the requirements for artisan mythic’s up to level 50?

I know you need 10 arcanum eggs, already done that bit, have quilleth at lvl 41 but now I’m stuck with needing den upgrades but game doesn’t say what level I need and I can’t find any info anywhere, tried support who said it’s basically a secret go figure it yourself!!!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Check out Neon: Quilleth - Neon War Dragons

You can usually figure out by the level needed, and then checking the corresponding den/builder requirements in the Buildings tab.


You need to discover neon war dragons. It is a shame this information isn’t available in game, however.

I already looked there also but it says nothing about den levels to level quilleth, I’m at 152 and I still need more den levels and thats the question, whats needed from level 42 upwards


Looking on Neon and hovering over the player level reveals the den level which maxes out quilleth at mimimum player level 554 and den level 150, I’m well past both of these and still cannot level quilleth

Not sure :woman_shrugging:t3:

What does it say when you are on the leveling screen for Q?

The game says I need more den levels to go to level 42

Here’s a screen of what I am seeing when trying to level

Have you hatched 2 Artisan dragons because in the Neon list it shows this blue 2L as a requirement

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2nd Artisan dragon is next breed and I know thats a possible requirement and the game normally tells you that you need a 2nd to level but I’m getting a den requirement not a dragon one

I think the information with the den level they are telling you is wrong.
Breed your second Artisan and it should work

I thought it may just be lazy programming but as support are worse than useless I thougfht someone here would have the answer :slight_smile:

i had the same problem, it must be an error in the requirement description

Yes, I would trust the Neon site / @Morreion more in these things lol

They kinda stopped putting that little message in; not sure why. But, that seems to be the issue.

Submit a ticket, this seems to be a glitch

The new ticket system is very player unfriendly since it changed for me how too submit a ticket.

Say bad bye to android and hello to iphone.

Or an ipad. The “help” button still works the same way on iOS.

@ZeroDucksGvn showed a neat android trick where if you click news find an email from pocket gems like the one issued today and push help there it takes you to the normal help menu

Seems to be only the normal way to the help menu thats broken and it seems PG cbf fixing it since this has been shown to them.