Artisan Tier Breeding Pairs

Our original goal was to allow any Arcanum legendary to breed with any Arcanum Mythic to make an Evolving Artisan dragon. We planned to do this by allowing the class of the Arcanum Mythic to pretty clearly determine the class of the Artisan dragon it would parent. For example:

Any Legendary + Mythic Warrior Ornithox = Artisan Warrior Charpent
Any Legendary + Mythic Hunter Helminn = Artisan Hunter Quilleth
Any Legendary + Mythic Invoker Lumestry = Artisan Sorcerer Washi

For our fourth Evolving Dragon, the Invoker Narmak, we would allow any Artisan dragon to breed with a legendary as it’s parents. This would simply be:

Any Legendary + Any Evolving Artisan = Artisan Invoker Narmak

However, due to some limitations in the code, it was not possible to have the legendaries be involved in so many possible breeding paths. For this reason we had to make a very slight adjustment to the paths and have settled on what you will see below. This is a one time cost that we will have to pay to convert from old paths to the new ones. Please understand that in the future every one of the four Evolving dragons will be able to breed into your choice of Evolving dragon of the next tier.

Arcanum Legendary Arcanum Mythic Artisan Evolving
Ikti Ornithox Charpent
Asuri Ornithox Charpent
Caligos Ornithox Charpent
Phasma Ornithox Charpent
Arcanum Legendary Arcanum Mythic Artisan Evolving
Caligos Helminn Quilleth
Korgon Helminn Quilleth
Malok Helminn Quilleth
Phasma Helminn Quilleth
Arcanum Legendary Arcanum Mythic Artisan Evolving
Ikti Lumestry Washi
Asuri Lumestry Washi
Korgon Lumestry Washi
Malok Lumestry Washi
Arcanum Legendary Artisan Evolving Artisan Evolving
Any Any Narmak

Hello, I’d like to add a few additional points to the above statement. There are some things here that were not clear enough, I hope to help dispel that a bit.

  • Every Artisan breeding pair backbreeds an Arcanum Mythic , not a Legendary .
  • Two Artisan dragons cannot breed together, you need to get all of the Arcanum Mythics.
  • Because all of the pairs backbreed Mythics, you will have the next Arcanum Mythic before you even finish the Artisan egg.
  • To backbreed for research eggs, the Narmak route breeds legendary eggs, which is why it’s the “final step.”

When breeding for Charpent you will receive.

  • Helminn:90%|Charpent:10%

When breeding for Quilleth you will receive.

  • Lumestry:90%|Quilleth:10%

When breeding for Washi you will receive.

  • Ornithox:90%|Washi:10%

Narmak has a ton of paths that give you a legendary that you didn’t use in the breed.


This will be interesting! Cool

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🥲 I have to get the one I don’t want


Invoker and warrior for me :crazy_face:

To be clear, we now need to breed all Arcanum mythics before we can breed the necessary dragons so that we can move on? This seems like a huge one time cost.


Will breeding one artisan drag open a back breed for an additional arcanum mythic? Or do we have to full breed each arcanum mythic to progress?


Considering we only had to breed one Mythic in the past and got a back breed, and now we have to breed pretty much every Arcanum Dragon on the tier just to get the full line of Legendary Artisan (Without taking that to mythic) as we need all 4 to progress to Tier 20… That is a HUGE cost increase for just one Line.
For example: If i had Helminn as my mythic that means I have bred 3 other legendary Arcanum…in this case we will use Ikti, Asuri, and Phasma. This means Now I would have to go back and breed Ornithox, Lumetstry, Caligos, and Korgon just so i can obtain the other Legendary artisan dragons. The only one(s) I can breed now is Quilleth and Narmak ( as it can be any). That is a huge amount of Tokens that have to go towards breeding all these other Arcanum dragons.


Hi Gal, will breeding the new dragons provide backbreeds to Arcanum mythics so there is a reduced cost to requiring all arcanum mythics?

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Well, I guess this makes up my mind for me. Charpent it is.
So how does this work though if you only have 1 arcanum mythic? Will we be able to breed the other 2 Artisan dragons if we have the invoker and one of the others?

Ex. I only have Ornithox currently so obviously Im breeding Charpent and then Narmak. Can I breed Washi and Quilleth using Charpent and Narmak or do I need to breed Helminn and Lumestry to get them? Will we still get arcanum mythic backbreeds when breeding these new dragons?


Can we have the back breed list?


patiently waits for Gal


Does that mean that we’ll have to breed the 3 arcanum mythics to get all artisan dragons to move to next tier? It’s gonna be quite expensive

If they make it so that the backbreed is not the same Arcanum mythic you used as a parent, then it gives you the ability to traverse along the Arcanum mythics that way.

Down side to that system will be that most research eggs get used in breeding the missing mythics. Only most, because, you only need the above system to work for the sorcerer, warrior and hunter breeds. The Invoker breed can still go towards research.

Edit: for clarity

Arcanum Legendary + Arcanum Mythic Warrior = Artisan Warrior + Arcanum Mythic Sorcerer

Arcanum Legendary + Arcanum Mythic Sorcerer = Artisan Sorcerer + Arcanum Mythic Hunter

Arcanum Legendary + Arcanum Mythic Hunter = Artisan Hunter + Arcanum Mythic Warrior

Arcanum Legendary + Artisan = Artisan Invoker + Any Arcanum Mythic (research eggs)

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If we do have to backbreed the other arcanum mythics in order to breed the other 2 artisan tier dragons then it would be nice if PG could send everyone 2 spare arcanum eggs and enough timers to hatch those two arcanum dragons. But I wont hold my breath.


Also to be clear, this is not how it was advertised to us before (the any legendary part). It was advertised that we could breed any artisan dragon, in other words any arcaum mythic gets any artisan dragon. This is a bit of an issue if the original intended design wasnt even what we were told it would be. This is why we asked questions about the breeding methods early that were never answered.

Yes, everything is subject to change but that doesnt cut it here if the original intent wasnt even what we were told it was.


This is a real kick in the butt :cry:
What happened to “new tier will not cost anything more?”


Well PG doesnt want to break their game (again lmao). Sure it sucks but there is still hope we are able to backbreed for a humane price…

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So we can’t breed the invoker without breeding another artisan dragon first?

@PGGalileo sorry I’m confused why does a mythic invoker produce a sorcerer in this configuration? Based on your explanation shouldn’t it be the sorcerer that’s the one that doesn’t fit?

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How about PG eat this one time cost, and just give everyone the dragons they are missing to bread the new tier? :smirk:


correct me if im wrong . so in order for us to get to tier 20… we need to breed all these artisan legendaries?? and as i am seeing it to breed those artisan legendaries… we need to breed all those arcanum mythics?? not like before you can go to the next tier… even if you have bred only 1 mythic… and honestly speaking im breeding these dragons for me to just evolve my seasonal mythic dragon and not even bothered to maxed them out …coz their not worth it .and mostly weak … but there are of course some exemption. but most are garbage


Exactly - it’s the domino effect that wasn’t looked at

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