As a low level player with a perch, should I get Kirin (red tier)?

As Kirin is a legendary warrior, getting it would mean that I would get a wind resistance for my base, as well as a HP boost for my farm island- my attacking towers are in front. It’s also half off, and we all just got 520 sigils from PG. As I get it as a red dragon, this would not exceed my current cap of purple tier for my perch, so it would be pretty useful- I think.

I’m not sure if this information is accurate, so can someone confirm this?

I can’t really see Kirin being useful while playing itself, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

For low level, Kirin can be useful, if you can get its stone to (at least) orange. It’s true that it can be replaced soon, but it helps your progress until you can get better dragon.

p.s. My first Season Dragon is Nyrdyr (blue), and I can’t get his stone. But he helps my progress a lot.

I already have a capped Equestor and Leos, so I don’t think dividing my remaining sigils will be the way I go- especially since I am about to max my Etzel and Kelsis, and am working on Amarok, so I believe as of now my roster is good to go for my level.

While people in the forums seem to be saying that war cry is a good spell, and that the fact that both are white makes it a good combination, I don’t think I’ll be flying Kirin much as I don’t like its spells much, so I was wondering if perching it for the HP and resist would be better.

Thanks for your reply!

Oops, sorry for misreading your post.

In my opinion, Kirin is like inferior Leos. Less attack boost, uses rage, and no healing.

As a low tier divine, Kirin actually will not have the power of a legendary on the perch. He has to be evolved to at least gold tier before he unlocks all his perch buffs.

If you get him for a perch, you will likely be disappointed

Is the dragon buff unlocked at gold?

Hmm, but will he at least have the wind resist (like an epic?) I’m using Arborius and Kinnara in my roster still, so I can’t spare them for my perch yet. I think I’ll get its egg and try it out (considering our sigil gift from PG and its half price lineage) and report back. At worst, it’ll be a nice glowing addition to my dragon collection. :grin:

According to the photos, it seems that it does actually give both wind resist and a HP boost? Perhaps the gold tier rule doesn’t apply for Kirin?

edit: Also, loving the pink glow.

Wierd. Maybe I was glitched. I will try it again once the perch finishes its upgrade


It’s give 15% health boost know ? But tower in perch island and other island hv same hp, y ?

The 15% HP probably added on to that HP that you see, like how boosting a section doesn’t affect the shown HP of the buildings themselves. Don’t quote me though.

Also, the 15% boost is apparently only for the towers on the perch island.

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