As everyone need buff for morta👍

As every one knows morta is sucks with long base with howi and pylon and we need buff for that ,butterfly effect is nice few chnages when we use butterfly effect tower may stun for 1.5 sec may be cool and butter fly spell can be decreased to 2 rage insted of 3

They hasn’t buff a legendary at least since the day I started playing so the chance is almost zero
And you should have know morta is useless from like 90% of the post from forum, creators faction instagram and YouTube


Useful for invader runs only

And how would you suggest they buff Morta without changing a spell after being released? If you’re saying Wing Gust is the problem, remember that Gryff also had Wing Gust. Wing Gust won’t freeze the shots if it doesn’t hit the tower that fired it, which has been said by numerous other players in the Official Discussion Thread.

Wing gust is not the problem it has no defense against howi in long bases and pylons too so there must besome change in spells?

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Or just don’t get morta


The only way morta will be useful is if that wing gust actually works according to its description ie destroys mid air projectiles. Not just projectiles of towers affected. All kinds. Then it stands a chance.
So what anyone needs to ask if if wing gust can be modified or not.


I would’ve thought people would know based off of Gryff, just saying.


I can think of only 1 Legendary that got a buff and it was Skoll & Hati. (Hunter) So unless the whole player base cries for a buff, I don’t think a buff for Morta will happen.

From what I see though, this dragon is not heavily advocated for a buff by players.

Edit: Skoll & Hati is a Festive. But it is a Seasonal, thus I included it.

Morta doesn’t suck for me - could sizzle your base any day :full_moon_with_face:

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If you couldn’t tell just by seeing the spell kit that’s on you. Research next time.

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I’m basically screaming in the officials thread said that’s morta is awful and no one seems to listen

Duh duh daaaaaaaaaaaa, who would have thunked it lol morta is a serious pile listen to advice of the above potato and stay well away like 10miles away from morta

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: okay now that’s funny.

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