As per usual...Another bug

Anybody else not receiving their sigils from chests?

Restart game

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Done at least 7 times.

No eggs, rubies food packs are showing up. Furthermore I’ve lost sigils too

Same :sob::sob::sob:

new season

rush mode in getting the new dragon.

You might need to wait for a bit and then if after an hour the sigil is not being seen, contact support.

Already did. But nope. I probs had nearly 1k sigils as well.

Then you can wait for at least an hour just to be sure.

it’s been like 10~20 minutes since the event started.

Double eggs don’t work. After they show as claimed and I close and reopen the event screen it shows it as unclaimed @Arelyna @PGCrisis

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@PGJared any insight on this?

For a second I thought you were complaining that the double token boost hadn’t applied yet :laughing: then I scrolled down a bit further and saw your second picture lol.

Now I’ll think twice to buy gold chests this event.

I’m getting my sigils and/or a refund. I’m not being punished for claiming rewards that I earned.

Me too!

Same issue with the double egg token bonus as well as everything I try to claim after that. Also didn’t receive the items from what I claimed in the Bonus branch but those sigils are gone.

@pgEcho @PGEggToken @PGJared

I take prizes again and again, and when i go out, it is before the avatar like i would have only 6 prizes… but i already took and breed the dragon…

Thats a very nasty bug :confused:

My egg boost prize keeps resetting too grrrrr

So I have the dragon incubated and in my lineup, yet I’m only on the first portrait?

:rotating_light: EVERYONE STOP CLAIMING TILL IT IS FIXED :rotating_light:

Great start for the season



Think they will credit the sigils I got from good chests? And lost