Ascendant Gear Preview

I’d really like to know the answer for this as well…


When the rest of the gear comes out, there might be a few pieces with a unique skill. Like boots have but the helmet doesn’t.

With the release of the rest of the gear, it would be so helpful to have a list of what each corresponding skill does.

Dragon Attack - Boosts Dragon attack power
Dragon HP - Boosts the HP of the Dragon

I know some might be self explanatory but I feel like this is much needed because of the randomness aspect, and there might be other niche skills on other pieces that may also be confusing


Just wanted to check if this is still true before continuing to exchange more shards for gems. Will the training camp event next week include points for using the ascended resources?

If so will it be the same type of ratio (obviously different values) as craftimg shards and scrolls are?

Also are we at some point going to be able to exchange scrolls for tomes? We keep getting the shards for gems exchange but there has been nothing for tomes. Most people who are even moderately active in atlas probably have over a million scrolls. As we exchange shards for gems these scrolls become even more worthless than they already were. We need to be able to exchange them