Ascension lines should have full set of evo stones

Complaints of this season’s structure:

  1. We lose an entire dragon (the old discount)
  2. We are forced to take less preferred lines of we want to get a second Mythic
  3. The rebate system harms lower levels who cannot complete the discount in the 2 weeks, as they pay full price for partially completed segments of the line.

I’d separate out loss of cheap keys, loss of good prizes, shoving all desired lines into the first 3 weeks, etc…

But from am Ascension dragon/ stone perspective, if we just received an extra set of next season’s evo stones each time we got 20 keys, it pretty much fixes the complaints for #1 and #2 completely… we only have to spend 1200 sigils to get the 2nd dragon.


Already a topic for this: :blush::nerd_face:

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Is there a topic on what lines have the most golds, embers, etc

Not a topic that I know of but there is a sheet that Morreion always puts out for us.

JK; there is a topic:


Gotta fire up the laptop for this, thanks

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