Ascension token cash in - confirmation needed

Hi @DragonPunch recently you advised that we will be able to redeem unspent ascension tokens

Can you kindly confirm that this is definitely the case?

I just want to ensure that this wasn’t an accidental typo.

For planning purposes can you please advise the structure of the redemption branch?

Will it be exactly the same as the current seasonal key cash in branch?

If it will be different can you kindly advise on the following :

Is there a cap on claiming any of the items?

Are there any different items to be claimed?

Many thanks!

I’m just not sure if I want to claim the exotic runes for Noc and any information you can provide here will help me with making a decision. Cheers!

Yes there will be a redemption branch for ascension tokens , before making that post @DragonPunch confirmed us gpf as well that this was indeed the case . So rest assure that this will happen as he stated .

This I doubt will happen :man_shrugging:t2: but doesnt hurt to ask


Cheers @eff :slight_smile:

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