Ascension Tokens Should Correspond with Mythic Unlock

It is my stern belief that one should have acquired every Ascension Token mandated by this new system in order to bring seasonal dragons up to par with others by the time they unlock the mythic. With all due respect and appreciation for the gesture and the attempt at breaking the mold, trying something fresh for a change, the norm should not at any point be that we have to settle with a subpar dragon unless we manage to put in the extra sufficient amount of effort toward obtaining additional tokens that, should we fail, could would give others with the same dragon an extreme edge over ours (namely via superpowered runes). These things make all the difference in how one plays the game. There should be some middle ground established here; getting the mythic is already a taxing process in itself. My proposal here is that there be more congruence in the claiming of the tokens and the actual moment of unlocking the mythic, having them already at hand to be exchanged for the things required to put them at their best in terms of performance.

(intended to be a constructive post, outlining a concern; that’s all)


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