Ascension Tokens

Is there any way that PG can have an additional mechanism for getting Ascension Tokens this season, such as adding another branch line, allowing players to convert a high number of keys into one, or something else?

I just learned that the Seasonal dragon will only offer 1 Ascension token, which makes it mandatory to complete every single branch. I was under the impression from reading about the mechanics early in the season that you could just do it with the regular branches — I was not aware you had the max the Limited Branches as well.

Ascension tokens from the limited time branches should be extra — like the keys they offer.

I passed on the portrait. Really hoping that there is a more forgiving way and there will be the ability to snag one or a few more now

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If you wanted to get the exotic rune, skin, and glyph for BOTH mythics then yes you had to get every line including the limited time lines. If you only plan on maxing out 1, then you get 6 ascension tokens for free after claiming the glyph on one.


Can we just get rid of Ascension tokens altogether?


I am trying to get the runes for both Mythics, hence the dilemma

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Again, runes are easier. Get all 3 for one mythic, get the 6 free ascension keys. Then get half a line and you’ll have enough for the rune for the second.


Let me rephrase.

I am trying to get the exotic runes and glyphs for both Mythics.

As things stand, I will not be able to get the second glyph for the second mythic.

The Ascension system is predicated on maxing out everything. However, that was not fully articulated in a consistent way, so I missed a limited branch.

I am not certain if someone else is in the same situation. However, I can see it being beneficial to a large number of players if another mechanism is put in to get an Ascension Token this season.


I hope PG puts out 1 or 2 “spare” Ascension tokens for people like you who wanted everything but did not understand that every chance to get the tokens was required. It gets you what you want, gives PG extra resources used, and might spur some extra spending which even helps F2P players continue to enjoy the game. Win-win-win! Plus, as you note, the messaging around the season changes was incredibly murky.

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I second this. It was a bad concept from the start and the prizes are way too expensive for such limited usage we get from them. For that kind of cost they should have worked on other dragons too.
It also was pretty poor planning to release them with such mediocre mythics. Now if KinnX and Jaal had gotten those rune and glyph it may have been a lot more successful (but still stupid and overpriced)


May not be EXACTLY what you’re looking for, but…as an idea, see this suggestion. I don’t think they’re gonna give anything for free, but this is an alternative to put 2 extra into play.

So basically you want to max the season by getting every top reward. And the issue is that to max the season you have to get all the lines? I think that that’s actually reasonable, especially considering how small a boost those glyphs are.

Edit: I now realize the issue as pointed out by Zalek, not cool that the temporary lines are also needed to get enough tokens


Second this.

ascension tokens are just another confusing currency that add limited value. They should just ditch them and keep it simple with keys only.


I think the concern being they beleive (rightly or wrongly) that they need not only every line but also every limited branch line. This (if correct) should not be the case, there should always be enough to claim from standard branch lines, with limited time lines being bonus’.

Again I don’t know fully how the ascension tokens work, I am basing this off of OP’s statement.


I agree that that would be kinda bad, especially if it’s not clear from the start.

  • Imix: 2
  • Gilas: 2
  • Base boost: 2
  • Arch mage: 2
  • Mission bonus: 0
  • Champion riders: 2
  • Resurrection: 2
  • Orrery: 1
  • Rider: 2
  • Festive: 1
  • Mythic line: 6

Total: 22/24

Hmm looks like you’re correct, that does kind of suck. Even with the portrait line it would be “just” 23, so I guess there’s another temp line coming with one ascension token. I agree that it would be a lot nicer if getting all the permanent lines was enough to max both mythic lines too.


Maybe you can try support :see_no_evil: and ask them to deduct x number of sigils that it cost on the limited branch for the hope that they will give you the one you missed.

Yep — this is exactly the problem, coupled with very confusing communication.

I am willing to put the time and effort into whatever it takes — I just need to know what it takes! :slight_smile:

I am really hoping PG sees this and comes up with some alternatives before the season is over.

I’ll try to give it some thought today on how to do this without requiring large amounts of disruptive programming.


I think the simplest way would be for them to offer a temporary branch with two ascension tokens in week 12 or 13, so everyone can grab those if they want.

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Ascension tokens are just bad in general


To me, it’s not just how they do it, it’s simply putting a few more Ascension Tokens into play, to allow for greater choice for the players. Limited branches are fine and all, but it makes so much sense (which is why it probably won’t happen) to simply add 1 each AFTER the repeatable Electrum Bar and 12 Hr timer branches in the Spell Rider and Electrum tower lines.

Sigil cost is roughly the same (20k sigils x 2 = 40K sigils) as a regular branch (37-37.5K sigils).

This could be supplemented with more limited time branches or whatever, but my point is to allow players the greatest flexibility they can.

Players don’t want a certain branch (Ie Resurrection) - fine get electrum bars and timers.
Players don’t want a~14K portrait - fine pick up some extra supplies that will have value for the forseeable future.

Brainstorm some ideas. Full list, including ones mentioned by others in this thread, are below:

  1. Have one more Ascension Tokens available for trade during Reginald’s next trading market event. He could ask either for a large number of Seasonal Mythic Keys or Aftermath sigils. This might be the cleanest way to offer additional chances for Ascension Tokens and add a nice item to his market.

  2. Near the end of the season, offer players the ability to swap Seasonal Mythic Keys for Ascension token. Not certain what the appropriate exchange rate should be, but it opens end of season options and encourages more completion of branches

  3. Add an additional Ascension Token box to a branch, requiring a large number of Sigils

  4. Hand out an Ascension token or two as a “thank you” gift — maybe around Halloween or the end of the season. This would be a nice way to show appreciation to the player base and may encourage them to complete more branches so they can get an Ascension prize

  5. Have an Ascension token as a prize for completion of an entire limited event, such as Assault.

  6. Add an Ascenion token as a prize for one of the final events at the end of the season. Make it require a lot of points so people need to work for it

  7. Require players in my situation file a help ticket and work something out with support

Again, willing to put the work in for this depending on what PG would require. Hoping for your support! :grinning:


Or just get rid of them PG!!!