Asention coinsxxxxxxxxxxxxx

What is the cheapest way to get 2 coins

Cheap is relative on this one. For me getting the missing one was doing the exotic line this event till the first coin.

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How many sigules was that

Here you go,


So i have done all i can do for this season, now i have 7 ascension keys and 6 token keys, totally a waste when the season ends! Is it possible to turn token keys into ascension keys?

You can turn both into gold chests next week

1 token = 1 gold chest, i hope I’m wrong :joy:

There was only 1 redemption branch mentioned in the preview notes so that would indicate keys and tokens will be redeemed for the same things

Hmm not really, there were five free to pick nodes before, they can easily add more. Considering that Ascension tokens are valued at up to 3000 sigils in the lines it would stand to reason they’re worth more than keys in the redemption branch but we’ll see.


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