Asian and European PG Admin Team wishes

Hi, I am come from Asia, i hope PG Admin will have the Asian or Europe team admin as well. I found that some of player, they are not able to talk in English, during facing the problem, nobody able to help immediately, could not found where is the fun of the game, unfortunately most of them are choose to stop the game. A lot of players who come from Japan, Middle East, China, Russia, Germany and so on.

For example, every single of the announcement from PG, only English, what if the player who are do not know English, the announcement totally did not help at all, hopping the blog site can have multi languages system, to help and solve player’s embarrassment.
2. Although i have already set up my native language, during changing of device, it only show out in English language some instruction step to do or confirm, if i don’t understand English, totally could not get back my current account.

I believe the game will attract more user to play


Learning English is part of the game :rofl:
I’m rather irritated by poor translation🤔

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@PGJared - tagging you so you’ll see

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too bad, the team chat cannot be copied and paste in translate apps, sometime really want to know what they are talking about.

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thanks for the tag☺️

not only English, we can able to learn different languages from the game.


I just checked the settings here and there’s not even an option for language preference, which is a bit shocking for a global game…hope you get what you’re asking for or if PG has different forums for different countries, that they will provide an in game link for you.

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Oops, sorry, it was sarcasm on my part.
Being irritated by translation meant the game’s Japanese translation is horrible :sweat_smile:
Which is why I switched to playing in English.

And I do understand that Non English support, at least for Japanese, is pretty horrible too. It’s slow and many times off point. For serious issues I do translate them in English for my teammates for better response.i

Not all Japaneeeeze player speak English, but we play very well and fun.
You should convince your mate to use google or other translate apps.
Or if you spend 100 packs every month they might hire Asian people:smile:


Well,yeah)could be difficult,but usually not all team can’t Speak English.
When I’ve been playing in Russian speaking team-I’ve been translating all notes and important forum posts from English to Russian(English is not my native language also)
Also from my experience-Line groups works very nice.
You can create Global room for ppl who are Asian (for example) and one person will post info with translation.
That’s how I use to do it.

But if ppl feeling so uncomfortable-I can be your volunteer to translate info and help @PGJared

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So, as far as translating messages goes; that’s something I’d like to see more of and it’s something I’m pushing for.

What do you mean by an Asian or European PG Admin team? Is that a reference to our support team, or do you mean a dev team?

Thanks for your noticed.
Due to the jet lag, when we met problem or some issues, and we send the email to support team, couldn’t get the response immediately, Asian player have to wait USA noon time just get mail response. Hopping the PG support team could able to reply the mail at time, Asian noon time as well.
Maybe the person in charge of the language or the country GMT.
such exp: support/spn(spain), support/jp(japan), support/middleast and so on.

If team chat can support in translate or copy and paste function, it will be very grateful.

Depending on what language it is, we have agents working during region-local times. For example, our Japanese agents operate during Japanese time. The issue is that we don’t have a ton of foreign language agents due to volume, so if there’s ever a spike in tickets for a given language there can be delays.

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