Ask a Developer Friday’s


What If every Friday a Developer from PG could man the forums and field questions?
It would get the developers out of the “high tower” and interacting with the players.

Questions about the game: like do Healing farms percentages stack? So if you have Healing Salve research that gives 15% Healing on farms with SS AND if you have a Mythic Socerer on your perch that also gives 15% SS , will the percentages stack?

If a developer could answer question, It would be an opportunity to verify things about the game that are hard to get definitive answers to.

Not sure how to exactly start a new topic first time in trying, so don’t yell at me if I failed :joy:
Also if anyone knows the answer to my question above feel free to comment if u have a definitive answer.


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They had a QA related AMA awhile back. Based on how that worked out, I’m guessing the chances of this are extremely small. The vast majority of the questions were about the major issues the game has, followed by complaints that PG had somehow misled everyone since the QA guys couldn’t answer those questions that were way out of their scope of work. A few asked about quality related issues or testing process, but the whole thing was kind of a train wreck, at least up until the point where I got bored with it and stopped reading.

This sort of thing works a lot better when you haven’t spent most of the last year annoying the crap out of your player base.


I don’t agree, the AMA was good and there was fair feedback


What is the AMA?

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