Ask a question they don’t like and get locked

Nope, not political at all. Surround yourself with “yes men” and you doom yourself for failure.

Threads only get “locked” when they are duplicates of another thread or they break PG’s T&C’s.
This includes harassment, abusive behaviour and other similar shenanigans.


Red did explain why she locked it … a duplicate thread.

But that would require some reading! And realising one made a mistake! Much better to blame the establishment, The Big Conspiracy, and anything else that isn’t oneself.

That wasn’t the best example. The closed thread was about all exclusive features but the one Red referenced was only about the level up rewards (so just one example of an exclusive feature)

sure, it was a duplicate thread… and I’m the one who has trouble reading…

If memory serves, creating a thread with the purpose of continuing a closed thread carries some penalties…

@TheRedDelilah would you care to do the honors?


No love for @ModMat ?

Your own post says it all :slight_smile:

edit: Oh, and it was Red who closed the first thread due to duplicate content. I’m just offering her the chance to keep with consistency

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That is the thread the OP is upset about. :woman_shrugging:

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Sorry I meant it wasn’t a good example Red used, not you :slightly_smiling_face:. The level rewards were barely mentioned in the other post it was more about the new daily rewards. Ironically the one post I saw about level rewards in that thread made me go search for more info on it and I read the post she referenced lol (this was before her comment)

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Good thing that’s not what I did, right? This is an entirely different thread with an entirely different complaint. My closed thread was about why there is a policy that gives new features to some players and not others (not even triggered by the feature that it was falsely accused of being a duplicate thread about). This thread is more about the bad moderating standing in the way of open discussion. Accusing my post of being a duplicate thread (which makes no sense) and closing it without giving me a chance to respond is not something I’m ok with.

Post a duplicate thread and I will lock it. Why? Because I want all voices to be heard and no one to be missed because they posted on a “less seen” version of that thread. That is why we, moderators, lock duplicate threads.

That being said, do not open threads on “but my thread was locked and I want to talk about it”. If you have a question or think a thread was closed inappropriately, e-mail the moderator who closed it. OR email @PGJared who oversees moderator activity if you have an issue with a moderator (me).


No love at all :pensive:


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