Ask for RSS button

I’m trying to upgrade a building which costs 4 Platinum Eggs. Can you please transfer resources to assist me? Thanks!

That’s what I get from trying to ask for RSS to upgrade Builder Hut :joy::joy::joy:
Is this a bug?

No, it’s just funny.

Edit: I actually have no idea if it’s a bug, but I do find it funny lol


You can also ask for fire and ice shards, elemental embers, and black pearls. I would love it if that was possible. :heart_eyes:

Still waiting for my 4 Emerald eggs :rofl:


Damn, 4 emeralds? that’s rough. I need 4 more sapphires, then it’s on to garnet eggs :persevere:

I’ll trade you for 4 obsidian eggs

Screw. That.

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But I need them :sob:

If it can be done to storage, it should be possible for non transferable rss I guess

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