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Now in my Android is v4.36+gn.
Can i switch my account from IOS to android?

Because i looks in announcement, @Arelyna posting crash when switch account from ios to android

ja… kannst Du.

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Perhaps he was referring to this post.
According to PGMichael (scroll down), this has been fixed.

Thats comment is January 2018…
I looks arelyna posting 1 weeks ago

PGMichael comment is 7 Days ago…
But, i have crash is 16-Juni-2018
Because that problem, now my gadget has do Factory Reset

Arelyna says in IOS is v.4.36 and my android before just v.4.35. amd now my android is v.4.36 too. I have question, what thats problem not yet resolve? @Arelyna @PGMichael

You’ll want to get in touch with our support team for more assistance, here. The next update should fix this versioning issue, but I’d contact support for further clarification. :slight_smile:

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