Asking for clarity on dragon testing

So first off I want to say before everyone gets their knickers in a knot…

Who is testing these dragons?
Who decides these dragons have been thoroughly screened before release?
Is it the GpF? Do they have any say, do they test fly these prior to release? Is an ok given by all parties?

The reason I’m asking these questions is I wanna know who honestly missed that a pretty much infinite cloak was not game breaking?

You can see from the recent post that it clearly states that this broken mechanic did not come up in testing?

I’m astounded as to how this was missed?

I’m not being cynical either like I usually am on the forums, I’m honestly wanting to know how this process works and who makes the calls…

Were they informed about this prior to release and it was ignored by the GPF or caught by GPF and ignored by pg? Or missed by both?

Would it ever be possible to get a separate group of players that specifically only flew dragons… like a dragon faction, that solely 100% checked every dragon over and over with a fine tooth comb prior to release?

I find it very hard to believe that this was missed accidently, as it is the first thing everyone noticed about the dragon kellicid when it was released…how to exploit the infinity cloak lol.

We need a real fix to these types of issues and an answer to who does what where, so we can stop having these types of issues with dragons basically every few season releases…

People are investing there hard earned resources, money, and time in these virtual dragons that are getting changed whether it’s for the better or not… this issue should not come up as often as it does…

Who is responsible for this? Please and ty in advance.



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