Assault 2x speed

Would be great to have an option to fly assault at 2x speed given there are no defenders/teammates joining.

I find the whole thing really boring and monotonous so to be able to blitz through the bases in half the time would be great


Lol have you thought this through before posting :rofl:


:eyes: Spend more time #1-ing all tiers.

Ask them to make a raid option for those who just want the individual gold chests and sigils, cant be bothered with the global competition :pig_nose::rofl: this will really save time!


I’m doing the whole thing with Ramnaught. Bored out of my head.

Could easily do this at twice the speed

Really haven’t got the time or inclination to put in effort to win

What’s funny?

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Of course this would be the preferred option. I thought it may be one lazy step too far

Gotta work hard for them 6 gold chests per tier man…

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It is boring hitting the same bases each event, but endlessly hitting bases in “major” events is far worse.

Let there be a raid button on PvP attacks in TR on teams at 0% or 100% if not supercharged. Let raiding on TR guardians carry over from one event to the next. And a raid button on PvE Gauntlet with much reduced island cooldown. That would do something to reduce the boredom.

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The problem with raid on PvP is there may be defenders. It doesn’t work in PvP.

In Assaul I need to attack 108 times at 100% to just get through all the bases. I do far fewer in PVPs.

I think TR is only 72 to get through guardians before Raid.

I don’t see much defence out of supercharged, but other leagues may differ. Could still do it to a limited extent, like raiding on PvP in KW.

While I’d love the option to toggle off research, I’d hate for complaints to end up with a cancelled event and lost prizes.

Take it or leave it folks. I ran the rewards or don’t, that’s on players.

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Sure, but you only get 1/2 the rewards, which tbh, are lackluster already.

Either you want the “free” stuff for your time, or you don’t. Your choice. Me personally, my time is worth more than what PG is offering, so I don’t waste my time :man_shrugging:


The prizes are good. 68.4K egg tokens.

Have we just given up making suggestions now then?


Or you could not just care about the event and either skip it or use divines to breeze most of the tiers.

No. I was agreeing with you. An assault raid button would be nice. I do more than 108 attacks in “major” events, and would like as much raid as possible there too.


Eff gets triggered by any suggestion that changes the game in any way.

Literally every suggestion is met with a “no” :smiley:

But I get your point - assault with glory event is a big time sink for anyone that has a life. Even a raid feature would be handy (if you have cleared the base in a previous assault )

Given how good the prizes are the raid function probably needs to be like 4 energy for the 2 short bases, 6 for the 2 medium ones and 8 for each of the two long ones.

Could award only 50% of the minumum score as well.


That’s not true , I have seen valid suggestion I have supported but when “suggestions” have issues I will always comment it and tell you or whoever does that what is wrong .

Like for example a 2x attack speed would mean absolutely new stats for the dragon and why not the base , if most players cant control their dragons at this speed meta how does Juno expect 100% more speed to be working :rofl:

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An auto battle would be good. Games like afk arena have the auto function to speed things up for repetitive low level events