Assault and Dungeons - Percentage system for the pvp events - 1.2k for breeding - Monetizing - Something another "just saying"


We all know that lately a lot of players have been complaining about the costs. In addition the game is going-somehow for the senior and hardcore players, but the people also want to see the new players who have a chance to catch up or feel that it is possible.

Atlas is another world and as a person who is trying hard to explain it to the people around, i know how hard it is to fix it in mind. Without the gears, it is impossible to improve, and without atlas it is impossible to make your gears better.

So let’s put the negativities aside i got a few suggestions and something to ask what if!

  • Assault and Dungeons as the mini events, between the events (with different rewards)

Simply, assault and dungeons are the events that are really loved by the players if not their favorites. Locating them between the events permanently will delete the boring part of the game for the hardcore players and give the newbies some goodies. For PG if they worry about the sigils and think that it will be much easier to get mythic dragons, i suggest to make those events’ rewards as some timers, some breeding tokens and crafting shards instead of sigils. (this is already settled in the dungeons imo)

These rewards won’t effect the economy a lot but players will have a chance to rise a few level more in the forts, maybe provide another dragon for the newbies and clean the complain about high token costs of the end game dragons.

  • Attacking “…” Percentage or above give the highest points in the pvps

The lower level players always seeking for help because they get like really a lot of points lesser than the high level players in pvps. I got an opinion: attacking a player that is 30% higher level or above gives the maximum points to the players.

  • 150k points for 1.2k sigil in breeding

I know there have been a couple threads about this but 150k is a much more meaningful score in breedings since we got a sigil prize there and it is already hard to reach for the mid-active players. 30k is not a big jump but it would be a straight up score that you can set your players to reach

  • Monetizing with skins

We love the dragons and war dragons, and believe me everybody wants this company to earn money, but this is not gonna be the right way to increase the prizes of branches and so on.

I don’t know if it’s legal to call the names of the other free to play games, but the most money-making free to play games are doing that by selling skins and costumes. Create the legendaries and mythics, and make skins for them, create base skins (not just the home island sometimes but the whole base), create portraits to sell for, create special profile backgrounds that the people can see by looking at your profile, create article affects to make the names look more beautiful (like neon).

There are a lot of other ways if you think about skins, and give it a chance

  • Setting again the number of members in a team

You know, mid-to-low platinum and below teams struggling to maintain the activity of the 50 players at the same time. I suggest to change the numbers of the team to decrease like 5-5-5 in the platinum 3 and lower leagues. Let’s say platinum 3 team’s 45 members, 4 40, gold 1 35, 2 30.

This is not going to affect the prize system since if a team can get a 1.2k sigils it is easily can be in the platinum, and this change could push the teams out of the platinum 4.

Something alternative, you may thing also to change the prize system like in gold it is the 30 people to get 1.2 in the events, but instead of 1.2k it is 800 sigils.

Thank you for reading @PGGalileo @PGLawson


They are all great ideas to beautify the game, buddy. Previously, the base skins was changed from season to season, and everyone loved it. I have no idea why it was removed.


Maximum amount of players (hard cap)? If no, there’s no difference with current system

If yes.

  1. For promotion, can they get 5 new members instantly after promotion? What prevents them from being declared before they get enough members?
  2. For demotion, which members will be kicked?
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preventing those teams to be declared war for a certain amount of time

low activity players, and when they demote giving them a time to remove who they are demoted for

Yeah, if the prize system is not gonna be adjusted then it will be the same, but i think people would be more happy to see a team with 40/40 instead of 43/50, and if you adjust the prizes :ok_hand:

All great ideas except (maybe) the last one although still could be a good solution too.

I especially love the the idea of having dungeons and Assault in between events, although I think if this were to happen there should be a 3rd mini event in that rotation bc ngl I love Assault so much but I don’t think I have the patience to do it every 4 weeks lol.

I would like to add one additional suggestion of my own that’s either in addition to or instead of the the dungeons & Assault mini events idea:

Grand Arena
Disclaimer this is like 90% stolen from another game.

Basically here’s what it would be:

  • a new game mode that is available 24/7
  • once a week or like once every couple days you are matched up against a random player that is around your level, strength, and team league.
  • you have 24h of set up
  • during that set up phase you have to set up like idk 4 different battles that your opponent will have to beat during the attack phase (and they do the same for you).
  • in each of these battles there would be a set dragon element that is buffed and all other elements are debuffed for that battle AKA encouraging the use of ex: fire dragons on that particular battle.
  • each battle uses your normal base but with some changes (but not actually a different base setup), more on that below
  • each Grand Arena round both players are given special power ups that can be applied to specific towers AKA a power up that boosts dark flak atk and hp, a power up that boost earth flak range and hp, a power up that boosts ice flak attack speed and damage, etc.
  • the strategy part of the gamemode is choosing which power up to set to which battle. If you know the opponent has Calavore as one of their top dragons, you might want to apply the lightning powerup to the battle that encourages the use of Dark dragons (to try and predict they will use Cal on that battle, and using that prediction to make a counter to Cal).
  • after the 24h setup phase, there is a 24h or 48h or however long attack phase. During this phase, you try and kill the other players base in each of the battles that they have prepared.
  • you cannot see what power ups your opponent has applied where until the attack phase begins
  • a the end of the attack phase whoever has been more successful (decided by who won the most battles, the highest % on a battle, and the least dragons used on a battle) is the winner of that round, and then they go into the next set up phase matched against a random player of similar power who has about the same Grand Arena win/loss ratio as you.

Now for prizing
Sorry, I know this is long thank you to the like 2 people still reading this.

  • Grand Arena is NOT supposed to be a super time consuming game mode. I don’t want it taking away from Pvp, Atlas, or the occasional war.
  • therefore, the prizes are not designed to be huge. The prizes are just designed to be a boost: some timers, some eggs, maybe some rubies.
  • this way, it is a good source of low maintenance resources for small or new or less active players.
  • players who are playing grand arena and are in higher leagues (upper Plat+ maybe) would get better rewards, as would players who have a very good win/loss ratio in Grand Arena. There might need to be balancing for pirate teams in order to make that be equally viable for them.
  • one option for what those “better rewards” for higher league and better win ratio players might be could (maybe) include (now hear me out): a divine dragon exclusive to Grand Arena. You would play Grand Arena to win shards for the dragon similar to how old divines and recently the festive dragons use shards to unlock.
  • this dragon could rotate to a new dragon at the same time as the normal season and could maybe be later available through means of some kind of “Grand Arena chest” similar to Draconic chests.
  • this dragon would maybe be a mythic, as it is designed to only fall into the hands of super active players or players who are successful at winning lots of grand arenas.
  • in this way, Grand Arena would also be worth while for super active high league players as well has being a source of good resources for smaller players.

Bahaha that was so long sorry
I might try to shorten this down and put it in a separate post at some point idk

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk



This would be really nice, although atlas usually provides enough entertainment for more active teams.

The problem I see with this is it gives higher level players and stronger teams a disadvantage because they can’t score as many points. At the same time, it could prevent some sandbagging, so pros and cons there.

It would make sense because it’s already a landmark for personal points, but unfortunately Gal had already taken this to his team and they said no.

This would be great! They did the dwarf skin and hopefully they continue to do more.

Like what’s already been said this becomes a problem with promotions/demotions. Even if there’s a time limit for having wars declared on, it’s really tough to recruit as it is, so it would be much harder to progress as a team than it already is.


i also thought to suggest adding another mini :ok_hand: but your’s is already great, it would be great to fight as 1 vs 1. Imagine the talks about them with your friends, making videos

You are right about the dungeons and assault are time consuming, they could be limited with some tier maybe like harbinger


Just to be clear:
The Grand Arena dragon would only be obtainable through many grand arena rounds. It would take time to get it, possibly most of a season or maybe even into the next season because of Grand Arena Chests.

YY that idea is the thing that i put the “what if” for

I love these ideas


There’d have to be a great deal of thought put into something like this. Demographics in leagues are quite strange right now. My alt is in P4 - one of our neighbors had a 500, next lowest was in the 360s, I believe. My alt is 379. I couldn’t touch the 500, but cruised the 360 for 123 points. Not sure how your proposal would account for a case where I have to hit down, but even if the old system was in place for me (i.e., the +30% was supplemental to the existing system), it still seems odd that I can’t get max points while players much lower level than I can.


You know it will make pg employee to work all day 24/7 right?
As a labour, i said no to this

I honestly don’t think it would. All they’d be doing is starting the mini-events and going on about their day. Not much to it really.

Also, I love these ideas @DEMIRCAN :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah it’s also the problem if for example for a player with the level of 490. But as you say it’d be an addition to the existing system.

Let’s say we got two players 1 - 380 - in the opponent team, max level is 500 and the next lowest 370. You still get your 123 points from that. 2 - 270 - he will get 125 points from 370. So the system more or less stays the same for higher levels, but benefit the lower levels. Seems odd true :sweat_smile:

You know they were in a long break until 12/1/2021 and the events were ongoing. I don’t think somebody needs to stay active just because there is an event

Maybe leave it as a soft cap of players per league. You can have 50 players but the wars are not counted against 50, they can be counted against the 45, 40, 35 etc set at per league level.