Assault blue tier

I would like to see a video of pg finishing last lvl of blue tier with only blue tier dragons it is impossible.
If you upgrade base upgrade dragons that are on that lvl

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Before I got Somnus for blue tier I used Chunk + Ember + Dodo
Blue is really tough if you dont have a good festive saved for that tier


Numen can be used to either clean up or lead then you use 2 other dragons it’s been so long I forgot which other dragons I used probably just Numen.

Dodo can clear blue tier but needs a rider unless you’re really far in research

I used dodo and chunk both with summon warrior and Etzel. When i was lower level and have less research and started with less than 5 rage bars i needed riders on them.

I use FireFin blue tier but also put mythic gear on chunk if I’m tired of flying FireFin

Many folks actually use an old festive a tier behind with an expert champion rider with appropriate resistance spel

I use Etzel but I put one of my best riders on him :slight_smile:

I use kelsis with rider hehe and follow with etzel.

Just move your rider, it’s easy

Chunk, Kelsis and Etzel here for the last two. No riders necessary, and summon warrior helps chunk clear the first island before belly flopping the next one.

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I always use Chunk first, then Dodo and Kelsis to clean up

Ben drude kullanıyorum

Kelesis chunk dodo. Here you go.

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