Assault “discussion” thread - Corruption (spring 23) week 1

Well, fellow Dragon Lords, it appears the Assault event is upon us once more, bringing with it all sorts of shiny treasures to aid us throughout the season. Let’s see how this unfolds.

Post any interesting observations you come across, and share them here!

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Am I losing my mind or has blue 5 and 6 gotten harder. I am using my maxed blue previous festive I have had at that tier and I just can’t do it… I even seem to struggle with 3 dragons.

Maybe my skills have just gone to :poop: but thought I’d ask

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See, I knew 85 would’ve been better!

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Doesn’t seem to be as many high scores in orange/green/gold. Are this season’s mythic that bad?

Could be a couple of things.

  1. Some good players have left or haven’t started Assault yet. F#@&y is in Leaderboard Division II with me and has a grand total of 5 points.
  2. Assualt is week 1 and not as many people have a mythic. I’m sitting on 18 keys - if week 3 would have had a mythic.
  3. Research can cut into point totals.

Top gold score is truly AMAZING.
The player is lvl 63 and only started playing on December 2022 (middle of last season) as per WDS data.
Futher, he has been able to do this with only a single farm and mill on the base:

@PGAlgodon @DragonPunch I’ve reported the base but y’all should be able clearly see what needs to be done here :wink:


Are you sure he didn’t just put his other towers in storage?

You can’t store farms/mills

Those two can be in upgrade though. If you never complete them, it’ll look like that with all other towers stored.

But if he’s scored an impossible score, then he’s a cheater.

Care to share his score? Not in the mood to open up the game. :joy:


The score is 1946 in gold tier. It is technically achievable with a mythic divine with red research. Anything above and you won’t get the extra point required on base-5. However, red research means you can only have 1 out of 4 of the “+1 starting rage” research nodes. Starting a battle with only 2 rage instead of 5 while hitting up this much seems very difficult, impossible even for most dragons. So I can’t say for sure this person is cheating but the possibilty seems quite high to me

We’ll let PG decide what to do with that kid, if the kid’s score’s technically possible, but unlikely legit.


Keep in mind it’s a brand new account and only have access to previous seasons mythic. I’d be confident saying it’s literally impossible to rack up those scores w +2 rage only using Zephyr/Enten/Maggot

how is it possible that I beat red base 1 with Zin and still not get max points, but yet I see people on the leader boards who have nothin but max points :thinking: please explain… I’ll wait

Less AP = more points.

I still can’t figure out the score of some. I wish people would record their runs because some of these bases I have crap scores and when picking lower dragons I get smacked on the first island like a mosquito.

I usually just grab and go of the gold chests and be done with assault. :see_no_evil:


Ditto, I tried once upon a time for ranking but then realized I don’t have the patience or time in my life haha. I grab all the goodies for beating bases and add it to my hoard of treasure :smiley:

The festive dragons have under 100 AP and are significantly stronger than the starter lineage dragons. Most of the top scores you are seeing involve Rath, probably.

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