Assault "Discussion" Thread - Darkmire, week 3

Lets try this again since @Jalen 's thread was closed!

Well, fellow Dragon Lords, it appears the Assault event is upon us once more, bringing with it all sorts of shiny treasures to aid us throughout the season. Let’s see how this unfolds.

Post any interesting observations you come across, and share them here!

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Isn’t there 2 other threads for week 3 up?


I saw one thread for breeding, and one thread for assault that was closed. I suppose our new community management did not like the implications with “Assault Hacker Crackdown” and thus a new, more positive thread was born!

All hail generic discussion threads!


we’ve always had an assault hacker thread in the past, certainly odd it would be locked this time :thinking:


Assault event!!! Whooooo


My bad lol

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This is the thread where we discuss the amazing flyers that get 1991 points and shower them with attention and praise.


Youre still around!

I personally would prefer the Assault Event NOT to overlap with the first week of the Atlas Season…


Only 1991? Nah they gotta get at least 2k to be worthy of praise!

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Yeah I decided to pick up the game again! I’ve been having dreams about Atlas and PvP and base theory so….yeah I’m back lol

Yep, poor timing. Didnt they do this last season also? They should have just kept assault at week 7 like usual for fall but as usual PG is very out of touch with their own game. Week 2 Fight Pits and Assault at the start of Atlas. They moved the trading post so how about moving assault also ? Assault during Fort wouldn’t be bad either


They should run side events every non PVP because breeding and building are over on day one


I agree. They should be working on some more side events. As much as I dislike it, they could do a mini feeding event with VERY limited prizes. They need to liven minor events up more because like you said they’re over fast.
Dungeons should be run during breeding and they should go back to the 2 different columns, one dropping embers and have the other dropping electums instead of pearls. As it is now Dungeons is mostly a throwaway wasted side event

I just move on like it was nothing ….

Whelp some people want the top prizes that they earned instead of those going to people who have impossibly large scores

That’s like one in a thousand though. Only around about 50 - 100 actually get good rewards from the rank system, a small portion of the population just don’t care about that. To me it just seems some people do it for bragging rights.

Higher ranking = an unfair gap of rewards between each rank.

I hate assault :eyes:


I could bet this time around our lovely suspect people will stay on top for way too long.

Reporting per support has worked so well! /s.
Lets hope they read their dms carefully.

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Assault maps and results.
I’ll add Artisan maps.