Assault "Discussion" Thread - Darkmire, week 3

Whelp some people want the top prizes that they earned instead of those going to people who have impossibly large scores

That’s like one in a thousand though. Only around about 50 - 100 actually get good rewards from the rank system, a small portion of the population just don’t care about that. To me it just seems some people do it for bragging rights.

Higher ranking = an unfair gap of rewards between each rank.

I hate assault :eyes:


I could bet this time around our lovely suspect people will stay on top for way too long.

Reporting per support has worked so well! /s.
Lets hope they read their dms carefully.

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Assault maps and results.
I’ll add Artisan maps.


For anyone who wants to use my calculator for assault scores:

Will try to update with artisan tier bases as soon as their DP values are available to me


I agree that there should be a better distribution of rewards. Im assuming nothing’s really changed and from what I remember if you weren’t top 5 the rewards were very meh.
It is mostly a bragging right thing plus the portrait is nice lol.
I still like the event though bc it can be challenging, I just wish that it didn’t feel as…idk stagnent. Because if you’re going for a 1st place prize, that literally is just impossible after the first 4 hours.

Lol what is this :rofl:


Hmm how peculiar :rofl:

Uh idk PG logic or it’s hacking into War Dragon’s main frame.

Seems legit. He’s just from 20 hours in the future.


Definitely not the case. Reporting cheaters should be done via Support or DM. That way we’re able to action a lot faster. Reporting cheaters publicly in the forums isn’t quite helpful.

This post was literally a copy pasta from Jalen’s aside from the crackdown verbiage

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Guys guys don’t freak out they’re just Australian

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Having a thread like this is useful to the community. Players often know the game better than support, and having this thread helps identify red flags. If players think a score is sus, they can talk amongst the community and they’ll usually come to an answer.
If players want help with assault, having a dedicated thread can be nice to find assault info, and a lot more stuff.

Why you guys decided to crack down on this now, I’m not really sure.


I agree.
There have been too many instances of support not doing anything about the plethora of hackers on the Assault leader boards until someone creates the hacker crackdown thread.
It is more organized, and it has worked in the past.

Also @Terenia you might consider un-marking RuRu’s post as the solution in case a moderator decides to close the thread when we keep talking.

Just updated my assault calulator with artisan bases

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These are threads that probably should’ve been closed out long ago. I don’t want these turning into call out threads, especially if a player is innocent. Plus a faster turnaround time can be expected when it’s reported to Support, who investigates the suspected cheater and escalates them to our team for confirmation. Either way, all cheaters get banned eventually. It would just be faster if the report came in through the proper channel that is Support, and not in a forum thread (where I’ve seen posts get buried).

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Hmm didnt the event say it Will start 9 pm gmt + 2 hrs cest? Did i misunderstood something here? Because the event already live, whitch makes it hard to get rank 1 in any tier now :sweat_smile:

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Added Artisan tier maps :world_map: