Assault event gone missing?

Does anyone know when we will next see the assault event? Judging from the poster this week there’s no assault again. Such a shame it’s not coming round more often.


PG detected fun and shut it down?


Apparently no assault and no limited time branch makes for a crappy 2 days of breeding.

2 days? Whys it going to take so long? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cause I wont finish my mythic harb so I’ll breed the last legendary i need then take a couple days getting it breedable, either that or I say screw it breed the legendary then some research eggs since I wont finish the mythic anyway.

It seems like they’re having it fill in for the loss of feeding and only doing it once a season. Which is a complete waste since it was actually enjoyable. I dont get why they even put together a blog post that made it sound like these 2 week events would be happening several times a season if we were only going to have them 4 times a year.
Yes some of the bases were seriously crazy but I’d still rather they run it multiple times a season. Every breeding event should be paired with it to give us something to actually do. I’d be really interested to see the activity levels for the week we had assault vs all the other breeding events


Are you sure about this?

Last time there was one it was announced same time as the event so somewhat sure. Besides it would be just like pg to wait till the last event to do one and have it cost 10k sigils after everyone spent all of theirs a week early as soon as ss chests came out. That way everyone who wanted to get the limited time branch would have to spend to get it.

I hope the last event is Temple Raid

It most likely is but I hope it’s KW so it can be completely ignored. I dont want an early KW next season

We have about six minor events per season. Seems like it wouldn’t be unreasonable to have Assault during at least two or three of them.


It’s unfortunate that it was released with the Battle Cry bug, which massively skews any data from it. :sob:


Seems like all the more reason to run it again to get clearer data before moving forward.


My guess would be that they ran it without fully detailing what sort of prizes it would earn to their bosses (the financial department), and after their bosses learned that players were actually given opportunities to earn decent rewards through skill rather than sheer force of money, they instantly forbade it to ever be run again. :scream_cat:


Absolutely correct :joy:

Remember though next time wont be as good for us. Energy costs were supposed to go up which means people would drain their energy packs before the final pvp of the season.


Please PG let’s us assault it’s been 2 months

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Next breeding should be good I believe :eyes:

And why not this fort?
They announced as parallel with minor events, not breeding specifically.

because it’s discount period. they’d never do such a thing