Assault Event Happening?

So will we not be having assault? I remember an announcement or rumor of some sort.

I don’t know of any announcements, and Assault usually happens at the start of breed (I hope, otherwise I look dumb) You’re out of luck kiddo


Where does this announcement? Or some sort?

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I tried searching the forums because I couldn’t remember if assault started at the same time as breeding. I did find that the first time they ran assault it did, but I’m not sure about the subsequent runs of the event though.

If not assault, I’d be cool with dungeons. I need something to do. With instant breed, larger XP pots and larger food packs, I’ve been done with my event for hours already. Sigh.


Same here. That’s why I’m trying to confirm whether or not it’s happening, because I thought I heard something about it.

I just remember something being said about it happening.

When it’s announced.

Link please

Correct - they launch it with breeding but don’t actually start it till later in the event

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Go kill your troops. They are waiting there, alone in their barracks. They just want to get back home to their farms and family

Back on topic, Assault is usually announced on Mondays at the same time of the usual event announcements. Hence, it wasn’t a happy Monday for me


So what you are saying is, PG will go back in time, announce this past Monday and launch it tomorrow?
Or there will not be Assault this Breed. Which is more likely.
Is what I got :wink:


On top of everything in this thread, I guess this answers my question.

@moderators the thread can be closed now please :slight_smile: