Assault event poll

How do you feel about the assault event?

  • Event is great, don’t change a thing
  • Event is good, only needs minor tweaks
  • Event is okay, needs major changes
  • Event is terrible, get rid of it

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If you believe changes need to be made, which ones?

  • Bases have to follow same rules as player bases
  • Bases in lower tiers should not assume players have maxed gear and riders
  • Energy cost should remain at 2 per attack
  • Decrease heal time for all dragons used in event
  • Remove divines, gear, riders and runes
  • Allow dragons from one tier above as well as below
  • Remove cost for swapping gear on riders
  • Some other change not listed here

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Bases don’t assume players have maxed gear/riders… so…why is that even an option??


Just saying the bases are too hard and don’t want to spend 60 rubies on rider


Graet idea to make a poll.

Among not listed, I’d add:

  • allow victory at 70% with lower points
  • get rid of resets

Agreed, but it wouldn’t hurt to ramp up the difficulty gradually within and across lower tiers, like as far up as gold or even sapphire. The higher the tier, the more you can assume players have access to energy packs, divines, gear, riders, and equippable spells and resists. ╮(^▽^)╭


It would be good if base defence is scaled per player level. For example, harbingers:
players with lvl 300 have capped linear dragons at level 16, and at that point the dragons have 1M attack. At the same time, players with 363+ may have those dragons at max, expert level, and those dragons have 1.8M attack, but bases are the same.
UPD: there are also mythics, who capped at 396 lvl and even more powerful - 2.4M. Using hunters for comparison.


If the bases DON’T assume that players have maxed gear/riders then they will be too easy for players with maxed gear/riders.

If they DO assume players have maxed gear riders then they will be near impossible for players without maxed gear/riders.


The prizes currently do NOT cover the cost of the amount of energy packs, heal potions, rubies, and boosts that went into this. Hundreds of potions, HP/Attack boosts and energy gone and I’ve pretty much used every single spell boost I had. Nothing left for next time and I only managed to finish 4 tiers.

I will most definitely not be playing this again. The resources needed for real events are more valuable to me than a time filler event. Prizes will have to be significantly higher to justify the cost.

This a an event for spending whales that have thousands of everything in storage…


They don’t. Top 2 bases in each tier are not meant to be possible for average fliers on the first try.

I have passed every one I’ve tried without riders except for some of the higher tier ones.

It’s likely you are ignoring perch elements, spell equips, dragon resists, and other factors. But it’s also possible a lot of people just aren’t very skilled. I understand folks want the higher bases because of the rewards they come with, but that’s the point. If they made them easier it would be boring and they would reduce the prizes.

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Agreed. The last 2 bases are quite challenging, nearly impossible to finish without divine dragons…
Of course taking into account using consumable spells.
Let’s hope you fly hauheset like a champ :crown:

I have managed to finish all bases up to Harbringer (I am only lvl 321 with rajin) but:
Platinum, garnet and emerald bases no 6 left… so Getting there soon.

so I managed to beat near impossible 5/6 bases at every tier from red>>harbinger without max riders/gears? wow…
(no war cry glitch)

At this point the absurdity that is currently running rampant on the forums in regards to the Assault event is insane.

I think anyone who is complaining it’s too hard, saying that you have to have xx/yy to have a chance at beating the base etc should start sharing vids showing their dragon set-ups + their failed runs.

I bet people won’t though. Prove me wrong :wink:

-people won’t because they want something to blame other than themselves. sharing a video of this will cause the spotlight to be shone on them vs blaming other factors.


I wasn’t complaining.

I was merely pointing out a potential issue in that if the bases were designed to be beaten with only lineage dragons, no rider/gear in mind then a player with a divine and maxed gear would defeat the base relatively easy.

If they designed the bases to be beaten only with dragons equipped with max rider/gear then people without these would be ruled out.

I’m not saying either is better/worse, but both situations create issues.

It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.


Then only people with this would be able to beat it.
That’s not true.

Most people don’t have a set of max gear let alone a set of every element.

If they were only beatable under these conditions then people wouldnt be beating any of them with lineage.

The entire basis of the argument is untrue. <-- this is my point.

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@PGChocolate for now I would make simple changes like having the bases abide by the same rules as players, as well as keep them the 2 energy cost. Some tiers need a tower level drop as well. I’ll look at them again…sapphire can probably remain as is aside from applying player rules. I’ll look at them after work for more tweaks


I don’t know how they designed the bases and what criteria they used.

You’re saying that people without riders/gear have beaten the bases. I completely accept this.

But (leaderboard aside) if people have beaten the bases with only lineage dragon, no rider, no gear, does that not make the bases easier to defeat with seasonal dragon with riders and with gear?

Granted, you get more points per tier if you use weaker dragons but the bulk of the prizes in this event are simply for getting past a base, not maxing it.

also…fyi throwing riders / lots of gear etc on a dragon may let you complete the base but it also gives you a crap event score


I never said it doesn’t make it easier.
I merely said it is possible.
Which means by very definition due to the power difference of un-geared vs fully geared dragons it would indeed be impossible to clear without gear if it was designed to be extremely difficult to the point of only a small % of max gear dragons to be clearing it.
Except in the rare circumstance that the tier itself has dragons that are very good at setup-cleanup and the pilot was also extremely skilled (ie: hau) but this is also not the case… so…

The bases can be cleared without gear
Thus the bases were not designed to only be cleared with max gear

Have you guys even looked at how much a full set of gear + a strong rider gives for +att/hp?
The dragon is literally more than 2x stronger than a non geared dragon…

I still think at this point people with anything negative to say need to start posting their vids because all these posts are just coming across as “I don’t know how” “I’m not good enough” “it’s someone/something else’s fault”.

Which speaking for myself I find extremely insulting to the amount of hours, heal pots, etc I’ve spent practicing different skills, timings, ability combinations etc to be able to clear bases. There are a lot of fliers who are much better than I am but I don’t blame anyone or anything for it. The gap is skill. Skill is directly proportional to the amount of time and practice one has spent doing something while striving to improve. The first step in improving is admitting that you can do better. Once you admit you can do better, you look for ways to do better, watch what other people do better than you and try to emulate it, ask others for advice, etc.

How much time have these people spent watching their own flights/others flights at 10-20% speed?
I’d be embarrassed to say how many hours I’ve spent practicing just 1 island + tower setup. Not to mention the multitude of tower hit-box combinations for a single island. Recording the runs, watching these moments at 10% speed to see where i screwed up. where i can tighten the time etc.
Then repeat for every corner.
Repeat for certain long island setups
Watching other people who have shared vids that I feel performed at a certain section better than I do. Watching their vid at 20% speed.
Was their entry better than mine? yes? how do i do better? no? then how did they handle this section better than me with a worse entry? target priority? faster tap speed? better shot placement? etc.

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I think we may be arguing the same point albeit in a very clever way that also allows us to argue with one another.

:point_up:t2: This judgmental attitude is probably the reason people wouldn’t. Would you just criticize their flying or give tips on what they should do?

Have you shared vids showing how you succeeded? How about helping to teach rather than assuming everyone wants something for nothing or just want to blame others?

If you’re not the best flyer, which apparently I’ve learned I’m not, and you have time to repeatedly run these bases (I saw in another post someone ran one 100 times :scream:) yes this can be a great event. You can learn from previous runs, try different consumables, etc.

For me failing a dozen times in a row, getting so close on some lvl 6 bases leaving only one monument is discouraging and frustrating. And if I take a break and come back to it later I now have to re-do 5 :see_no_evil:

I don’t have the time or patience to spend hours on end running the same bases all day so this event is not for me. Teammates are either in event all the time they’re online or they’re not online out of frustration so this has been even more boring of an event than breeding normally is.

I’ve also spent more rubies than I earned. When I’m so frustrated by failing and need to take a break from the event I now have to put my riders back on their main drags for Atlas. Maybe PG could wipe out the rider fee during this event so we can swap back and forth without spending so many rubies.

And Kudos to all those that completed every base in every tier without cheating, but please try and be compassionate and understanding towards those that aren’t as skilled and don’t have time or patience to practice a mobile game for hours on end.


If I could figure out how to upload videos onto this site i’d be happy to display my woeful flying. In the meantime here’s a shot of my daunting task in Plat 5 with the dragons I have :weary:

I’d be seriously worried about all those Flaks on the 3rd island if I didn’t always get killed before I got there.