Assault Event Portrait Issue

So the portrait for Assault event is excellent. However, it’s a man, and there is not female or androgynous version.

I understand that there isn’t going to be different versions of every single portrait, but the Assault portrait is one of the more prestigious portraits in the game that has some amount of bragging rights associated with it. I’m a guy, and I like using the Assault portrait, but sometimes I just want to use an androgynous portrait that has the same prestige to it.

Solution: people who place 1st in Assault get 3 portraits: the male one, a new androgynous one, and a new female one. Ta-dah!


Cool suggestion and certainly am opportunity for more inclusive prestige portraits. I’ll also point out that the champ is a white(ish) cis-male muscle man and perpetuates stereotypes and implicit biases that assault champ is a straight white dude.

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I think necrox is white male blah blah blah but dat champion though is a very nice pic

Was I agree they should have variety though as well

Yeah, some assumptions going on there

Very good point