Assault event runs' point formula

Top 100 ???

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I was wondering about this, It seems nearly impossible to get 1950 on certain tiers, my question is how come the leaderboards after obsidian seem relatively untouched?
did PG make some sort of buffer after harbinger where it isn’t possible to mess around with AP anymore? (I.e obisdian rank 1 is running with a 1922 score while harbinger rank 1 is 1800.)

I was also starting to think things were a bit weird after I hit red-1 with an unpowered leviathan and still only got 185 points, thats a 363 ap dragon and it’s still nowhere near the max score :confused:

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or whatever. I dont care. We have impossible scores in the ranking. That is clearly cheating.

Thing is, these players wouldnt spend money anyway, so they dont hurt PG.
… or so PG thinks anyway.

Agree it is rampant that’s why the portrait should be awarded to everyone who can at least finish all the bases


I think it should be the normal potrait for top 100 global and animated for top 1



this portrait :rofl:


Really, so people who get in top 100 with skill also take the hit oh ok

I guess it‘s because the weakest dragons up there have too much AP for the weak DP of the bases. No way to get good points. Cheating there would be even more obvious

Well there are ppl that have Got 1950 point dos that mean they are cheating? :thinking:

Yes, pretty much.

PG has set the max point score per battle at a level that is not obtainable by even the best flyers.

Result: Accounts with max score will be exposed undeniable as cheaters.
This way the leaderboard will be effectively act as a honeytrap for most of the cheaters. Smart or subtle cheaters are another category tho. :thinking:

Actually this is what Morreion already proved with his formula.
Lets see what PG’s reaction will be, hopefully a LB cleanup before the event will end.

I know that but there’s still people that try really hard to get one top and im currently trying to maintain being part of it
I agree that pg should take a look at those that stay on top to make sure they don’t cheat
People with score over 1940 is obviously cheating so I believe that pg should ban them before the prize came out to give the prize the people try hard in this event what they deserved.
@PGGalileo can you ask pg teams to remove players that cheat in event from receiving prize so people that put effort in this event get the prize they’re fighting for


I agree with you completely. We described It only differently in our posts.
There is a unrealistic score threshold in the leaderboard, probably deliberately put in there by PG.
Like you, I hope PG will weed out the cheating players.

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PG always claims they clean before rewards. But they fail to understand its demotivating to fair players to see these cheats on the top of the LB.

Yea leaderboard should definitely be updated daily (business days) and at minimum Monday before event end

Uh… i dont think they are that smart…

Wish I got a portait making it up there :sneezing_face:

I have seen cheaters with impossible dragons (not just kinnara, Gig, Namaka and mordred too), so i dont trust any scores in assault event. All those cheaters are reported to pg and they cant detect what they are doing.

So, why should i believe assault scores?

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