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There’s been a lot of speculation/predictions that the upcoming event is feeding. If it IS feeding, could the assault event be inserted inbetween feed and fort, to break up the two back to back scavenging events? I think the player base would really appreciate the change in objective. If the team could take it under consideration, I, for one, would really appreciate it!



Feed is low revenue. As such, especially with the money PG is putting into the Atlas launch, I doubt Feed will be soon. If it happens, you won’t see them move Fort back. Fort and Breed are their most stable money makers. Fort will without a doubt be after the next event whether Feed is next or a PVP.


Not asking them to move fort back, assault would take place between events, as per usual. And if feed doesn’t generate rev, why reintroduce it and keep running in 3 times since being reintroduced? :thinking::man_shrugging:t3:


I too would like Assault to reappear! I wish it would be the first version without the possibility of grinding points and just consisting of good flying and looking at bases. I like to test my metal like in the hated event where you had to use each tier of dragons on progressively difficult bases.

I understand the lower the players tuer of dragons the less they can participate but i still think that the further you are in dragon tiers the more you should be rewarded. Maybe scale the bases to the individual’s level of dragons and have the number of bases stay the same for all. So someone with dragons up to gold tier could have the normal 50 bases to defeat but instead of going to level 400 it would go to level 150 or whatever level a base would be with all level 30 towers. Thusly the pattern would hold like:

Dragons Owned - Level towers on highest base
Obsidian tier - All 55s on 50th base
Emerald Tier - All 50s on 50th base
Garnet Tier - All 45s on 50th base
Sapphire Tier - All 40s on 50th base
Platinum Tier - All 35s on 50th base
Gold Tier - All 30s on 50th base

This is just an idea off of my main topic of having Assault reappear. Popped into my head so i just put it here…

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I actually liked the most recent iteration of the assault event, best of both worlds. I think it got a lot of positive feedback too iirc.

That’s really interesting about the custom levels based on dragon tier, although it’d be more work for pg to implement. Certainly more than the week left (if they do decide to implement it inbetween feed and fort).


That makes no sense at all. I’m still in Gernet Tier and I’m used to fly against lvl50-55 towers, especially in events where you can use 3 of your dragons.

The last iteration was good, I don’t see a reason to limit it for players owning certain dragons.
If you’re a lower level player you can still score very well either by using more energy or by annihilating more bases that other higher level players can.


As am I, maybe my idea could be changed but i do think that we should all be able to finish all 50 bases. I remeber it took me 10 tries or more to try and kill the 400 on the first Assault. I never could but now i think i can set it up even better with Necryx.

Maybe instead of having a base with max tower that correspond with that tier of dragon it could be the 5 tower levels above what the tier of dragon was intended for. So on my example simply add 5 levels to the towers on the 50th base. Since level 55 is the current max tower maybe we could have sneak peak level 60 towers for those with obsidians to even the playing field? Just a thought.



I really don’t see a problem with the current event setup.

Your idea would also be tricky to implement and require tons of work from PG for no real advantage.
They would have to detect a player’s level and adapt the event bases for that player. They would have to make 50 custom bases for every type of player in a respective tier. 50 bases for a player in Red Tier, 50 bases for a player in Blue Tier… think it through :see_no_evil:


Very True. I guess i just wish i could beat the 50th base! I also feel like it would be better if everyone could beat all of the bases. For those with only dragons from red to Green tier I think it would be more difficult to get those special achievements over defeating a base with 25% of the total power. Sorry i forget what it’s called.


You can get a lot of annihilations with Red to Green dragons, enough to get you a nice bunch of prizes and sigils and maybe even rank you globally :wink:

I personally prefer to see a few strong bases I can’t or can barely beat. Whenever players max something, they usually ask for more to test their limits.
Just remember how boring it is to kill the lvl130 base in Team Gaunlet over and over. I always wish they added tougher NPC bases which pay out slightly higher points…


I totally agree! I wish they had tougher bases and i agree with the point of always having abase that you can’t beat. Maybe PG should make bases in the event with tower that havent been released to really test those with max obsidians. It would be cool to see that there are bases with level 60, 65, 70, 75 towers that can be defeated by only the best obsidian fliers. These towers wouldn’t be available, obviously, but think of the challenge! I’d like to see that spenders don’t get everything and that there’s always something to improve. I think most individuals would actually like this idea as many were able to beat all 50 bases with on 25% of the attack power. Let’s see how far they could go!


I’d love to try assault with necryx, last time I got pretty far with kinnarus and I wonder if necryx and kin could do better together


Necryx for assault would be interesting. The necryx plus ember combo could be good :+1:


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