Assault event wins not being counted & rubies gone

So apparently I’m cursed on this event, some of the battles I win but the battle results don’t load, it just goes to the Skip loading page, but nothing happens. So I press Skip and it’s doesn’t record my win. Support is like, well we don’t know why this is happening, that’s too bad for you.

And I was breeding using auto breeding, but somehow it deducted almost all of my rubies, like 10,000!! I emailed support and then said it showed I used rubies, how is that possible? I’m just sooooo frustrated with this event, I may just give up on this entire season :tired_face:

Or may not

Anyone else having these issues?

I’ve had issues with assault too. It doesn’t always register my 100% wins even if I don’t click on the “skip”. Sometimes it helps to reload the game and sometimes not. And the energy count is a mess. It might show I have 10 energy left, after I attack it’s suddenly 13, after that it might be 5 or something like that. Not sure if I’m loosing energy or not or if the count was wrong to begin with. Haven’t really payed that much attention since I’ve barely had time for the event and it’s making me frustrated anyway. Lol

Thanks ICS, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one having these event issues. I got too frustrated with it too and stopped attacking, I hope they never have it again :crossed_fingers:

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They will load at least mine do after a ridiculous amount of time!
Sometimes exiting out of game multiple times doesn’t work but I usually going into Atls doing some runs there coming back it’ll show results.
But this usually happens when I hit skip because it will sit on that screen for a very long time sometimes lol

Yeah takes away from enjoyment of the event, very annoying :roll_eyes:

Yes, mine takes forever to update. I have to restart most of the time

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