Assault hacker crackdown Oct 21

Just the usual thread to track down hackers in assault so we can have a fair event. Starting this off we already have some suspicious 1900+ scores in red-blue all by the same guy. In past assault events scores like this have never been achieved so please look into this PG

Wishing everyone good luck and lots of fun in this event :slight_smile:


Wel this seems suspiciousl


I try my hardest but 1920 is seems to be the best I can do for red tier don’t know if getting higher point is legit cause I use a 405 AP dragon and solo them all
Dracy can probably pull off a 1930 lol

Total AP required for Assault Max Score :clipboard:
If you find any mistake, please let me know🙏

Good luck :smiley::four_leaf_clover:


That’s awesome :heart_eyes:


This actually confuses me? It’s not possible to have a dragon with 22 ap is it? I thought the dragon only needed to be at a fourth of the total dp of the base to get max points? Why is it set to 1% of base dp?

There’s a specific formula for Assault to calculate what you need to max scores, or to calculate how many points you’ll get with whatever you’re using

What Miina did is a table of the former - so yeah, there’s plenty of tiers where max scores simply aren’t possible, so that chart (and the formula) are quite helpful at figuring out who’s suspicious and who’s legit when you’re not absolutely certain :slight_smile:


Ok so for red tier it’s completely impossible to get max points on any of the bases. Oh and the same for purple tier. I was wondering how y’all could tell that they were cheating.


Cheater in assault again apparently

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There’s always cheaters in assault, PG has just gotten better at cracking down on them, so maybe it’s no longer as noticeable for some people


The formula is here

By rounding, the scores bellow will be displayed as max scores

max score - 0.9999

It may be 0.99 but it doesn’t seem to be 0.9


So why is the scoring system like this? It seems to give unobtainable goals?

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I think this event needs to fix some bases, not a scoring system.


Considering 1898 was the record score before this event started, anything above 1900 is quite a difference.


1950 in gold is another one probably not being legit
According to MiinaNiina‘s chart, a dragon would need to have >45k AP in order to get max points and the lowest AP you can attack gold bases with is either 62k (freshly evolved green legendary) or 65k (mythic) whilst having no research.

oh I can record vid to prove it is pretty easy actually
But hey it’s more fun to be conspiracy about

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Thinking the same - was already suspicious of that person since Orange because they’re a low level with no history of good scores in assault (and don’t look like they have a mythic)

Yeb I just check
That guy is unlikely to get 1950 in gold, pretty sure the highest in gold is still around 1949 something when I try in ikaros season


Looks like people hav gotten max scores from red to gold this season😂 I can’t even stay in the top 100 on green even.

Max in Orange and green is possible just not with any other tier