Assault hacker crackdown

Can pg please look into outlandish scores this time around. Last time this event was run, hackers cost many people rewards and honestly having them around makes other players less likely to participate in an awesome event (for the record it cost me 6k sigils+ last time this was run) I’m more than happy to assist pg if they want to know what scores are viable. I’m sure others great fliers in our forum community would be glad to help as well @PGGalileo


Yes please
We need to give the prize to people who try their best not cheater


Last time I didn’t even bother trying too hard for assault


This is what I mean. I know fiery is a great flier and it would be nice to compete against the best for this event!


I’d love to try to beat my 20 globally record, but so much in this event discourages me to do so :confused:

Often feels like top people are either ‘who has the most convenient divine in each tier’ or ‘who waited to level their mythic’ rather than the exceptional fliers that should really be up on there

Pretty sure several great fliers feel the same so don’t even try

I think the only person I consistently see up there is you :joy:



Please change the assault event in a way, where we can decide if we want have the bonus from research or not.

It should be possible so that you can decide what you want to use for a match…
For example you have a expert dragon… that shouldnt be a disadvantage … But it is if others havent maxed there dragons.

It could help too , if we can set dragon for 1 match down… as research … or to make it fair… we should find a solution where all player stay at the same ground.

I played as good as possible… with 1 low red dragon… and there was still player because of that who got more points… So this event is not fair set !

OR Change the reward system… Like not a global prize for best 1-5 ( sometimes hackers as ways),
make it like checkpoints…
So if i played “perfect” with 1 dragon with nothing on it… someone who just have no research or didnt level, came above and won that thousands of sigils… which i wouldnt be able to … because i play this game long and good… or better said, as it is wanted !

Everybody would like to get 750-3000 sigil … instead of 150 for example…
And it shouldnt be like first come first stay…

So you can build up a prize line… if a MASTER in RED got a score 1870-1890 … he should be rewarded with the top prizes … ( depend on tier of course) … Some other tiers more is possible true.

As you see beside hackers, we are against unfairness in this event …
Skill should be rewarded… And ofc against the hackers…

I hope you can try to change the system of this event… to make it fair based.


I really do wish everyone can start at the same point for this event.


I wish this event is just linage only
It would be way more fun and fair


I agree with you. It’s harder for newer lower leveled players to participate mainly because their tier levels are small.

It would also potentially increase spending if lower level players decide they like dragons from a certain tier and want to speed up their progress. Something to look into @PGGalileo

Yea thats what we talked about…
I mean if that would be the case, we easily can figure out if someone is a fake… which PG should have done before…

But beside same point… it would give the game a bit strategy… if we can set the used dragons level back to where it was.

On the other hand… a only lineage for all people, without divines, would help there too… But i doubt PG want that… Wouldnt be hard to set all dragons in event for all people on.

Btw… i think the reward system as it is now… top 1 top 3-5 is wrong for this event honestly…
It should really not be such a big deal… If you are 5th with 1924… and first get 1925 you get so much less prizes…
The range is not fair… Thats why there should be a new prize system for gaining sigils…

If PG say they are willing to give for people who score at the highest 1,5k- 3k sigils… then many who are there should get same stuff.
I dont know if they like to do it with a comparing system… like who is near best on x points deserve similar stuff… or differently… anyway it doesnt say someone is better then you…
If i have 2-3 points less… thats because the other guy havent the research i have… I play as perfect as probably he did , or even better…

It would be cool if you participate a bit more in the assault event, you probably get a better idea about the wrong things there too.
At the end, people as me use tons of energypacks … and beside that buy for rubies many many spells … maybe play a level 100-200 times to just stay competitive…
I hope we can find a improvement for this issues.

-Linage only. All expert.
-No rider/gear/reasearch.
-50 isle base. Increasing difficulty ever 5 isles.
-See who gets furthest down the isles… Do not include last tier dragons. Should NOT be possible to take out all 50.

Lusian, itzani will be able to pull it off most likely


It was a bit ironic last time cause I was literally right on top of her score.

Haha I’m talking about those 1925 scores in red tier etc


I’m unsure how too do that all I heard I’d gear for lower tiers but the higher tiers you mize well reduce those points cause that’s impossible.

I totally disagree! We invest tremendous time and planning to breed seasonal dragons and gear up riders. It would be ridiculous to ban them all from an event. And in any case, you lose points for flying dragons with higher raw power. That is plenty of disincentive!


Would be cool if it was lineage dragons only.

All with base stats.

I.e. everyone runs the same stock dragons with no runes or riders.


:raising_hand_woman:t3: Am in on a version of Assault like this, be interesting and even the playing field :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s been suggested multiple times. We are but a minority of the game though. Really wish pg would implement something like this if possible.

All that being said let’s stay on topic and crackdown on any over the top scores.