Assault hackers and tips 6/24

Well it’s that time again! Report any suspicious scores and ask for tips here.


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So ready to be absolutely sat on by you, Fiery, and all the Japanese dudes :laughing:


I’m hoping no hacker shows up again. Plus I say something random when I’m bored.

Yeah was pretty clean last event.


Can u just do it for me?


wait ,so i should post tips on how to assault :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Yeah um no Dracaron should but then again he says it’s a secret most the time unless it’s green and the lower tiers but the higher tiers I have no idea how people manage to get 1.5k points or 1.3k points

Sora ftw!


This guy know :rofl:


Also festives for red to orange

Normally use lineage up until orange. Granted did use zilch 1 assault, but not necessary.


I know, I used nebulon and it worked great as there was no research for Invoker. Not sure how azriel will go

Man lineage in lower tier is hard, i struggle alote in lower tier :sweat_smile: and it takes alote of time to get it done too

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I got Sekhet and Azrael at L1. Will they be any good?

I’d like to get good scores, but ideally without putting in any effort.

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If they are un runed and without a rider. Then they could work out for you. They can be harder until they unlock enough spells though

Sekhet level 1 isn’t going to work. Gave him a whirl in Temple Raid a while back. Dmg output not there, especially because he starts at orange while the new power levels are supposedly tied to tower levels.

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Lvl 1 sekhet is weaker than red tier dragons lol
You will need to level him up a bit to grind for orange tier

Edit: same goes for rest of new divines


Not a tip, but assault related

Does anyone know why I would be losing more points on Gold 2 than on Gold 1 when I’m using the same exact dragon?

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Probably some rounding in the background

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